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What Makes Expo! Expo! THE PLACE TO BE

Expo! Expo! in Dallas is only four weeks away! Here, 2023 IAEE Chairperson Dennis Smith shares what makes it the premier event for industry professionals ready to advance their careers.


Editorial Note: Originally published in the November 2023 issue of Trade Show Executive magazine.

This month’s issue features a preview of the excellent programming IAEE has in store for attendees at Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2023 on December 5-7 in Dallas. As you read about the magnitude of activity planned, it really hits home that Expo! Expo! is an event created by industry professionals for industry professionals.

In crafting this year’s event, IAEE examined what constitutes the ultimate trade show for our industry – one that folks like you and me would consider the place to be. The components of education, trade show and networking frame Expo! Expo! as they do with so many shows, but the nuances of how Expo! Expo! serves the members of this particular industry is where things get uniquely interesting (and exciting!).

An immediate and resounding observation was just how resilient and vibrant the trade show industry is. We are vigorously meeting the light at the end of the tunnel of our pandemic recovery. One example is how we are embracing technology disruptors such as AI with open arms and adapting it to our shows in imaginative ways. We are looking beyond surviving and are much more interested in thriving. This drive to experience the future in its new light shaped the design of the various attendee journeys available at Expo! Expo!.  

Expo! Expo! excels at bringing key stakeholders of our industry together through mutually beneficial understandings that emphasize quality content, community focus and powerful connections. This year’s education program challenges attendees to shift their mindsets by exploring innovative ideas, untapped potential and inventive strategies alongside motivated colleagues and industry experts. One of my favorite parts about Expo! Expo! is exchanging perspectives and ideas with the people that I respect the most – you, my fellow industry professionals.

The Expo! Expo! show floor is exceptional in that it attracts the largest group of our industry’s buyers. There is no question that this is the place to connect with decision-makers representing shows of every size and market segment. It is the place to be for any exhibitor eager to showcase new products, meet new customers and network with leading experts in our industry. Since professional development is top priority at Expo! Expo!, activations on the show floor continue to educate attendees in an engaging and hands-on atmosphere.

Of course, networking at Expo! Expo! is a popular and eagerly anticipated aspect for attendees every year. As much as we love learning and conducting business, let’s be honest, we do also want to have some fun over the three days! I find it incredibly enjoyable to connect with colleagues I have known for decades as well as get to know the newcomers to the industry. As many of you know, I am a huge supporter of young professionals and fueling their passion for this industry that means so much to me. It never fails that I leave Expo! Expo! feeling professionally refreshed and inspired by the meaningful connections made throughout the event.

At Expo! Expo!, all members of our industry are represented and revered in a way that authentically conveys who we are as an industry and reinforces that we are in this together. And that is what makes Expo! Expo! the place to be. I highly recommend visiting to maximize your Expo! Expo! journey. On behalf of the IAEE Board of Directors, Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee and IAEE Team, we look forward to seeing you next month in Dallas at Expo! Expo! THE PLACE TO BE!

Dennis Smith
2023 IAEE Chairperson
Vice President of Business Development
Asian American Hotel Owners Association

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