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IAEE President and CEO, David DuBois shares how the education sessions at Expo! Expo! will have insights for everyone.

In June, I talked about the importance of investing in your team’s professional development. One of the greatest advantages to having a strong team is the opportunity to pull together the talent and knowledge from an organization’s various departments into a cohesive unit. When done properly, your organization runs like a well-oiled machine. When done extraordinarily, it even purrs like a kitten.

The challenge to building a strong team is the fact that you are pulling from various departments – with however many people – who need specific development and investment into that development. It doesn’t take long for an organization leader to find himself or herself having to make difficult choices between what members of the team receive the development they need.

Yet the best teams yield the best results and every team member is valuable, right? So the question for proactive organization leaders may not necessarily be whether to invest in professional development, rather how to maximize your investment. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to apply a “one stop shop” approach when it comes to giving all the members of your team the tools they need to succeed?

One of the reasons Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition has been dubbed THE “Show for Shows” is because it is one of the few conferences that covers the full gamut of what it takes to put on a powerful exhibition or event. A new twist we have added to this year’s programming is the approach that while show organizers are the lead for creating an exhibition or event, they rely on their team members from the IT, Marketing, Education, Sales, etc. departments to make a show happen. Therefore, we have created content that encompasses a broader scope for professionals in these departments beyond the context of show management.

By taking a bird’s eye view of education that benefits professionals in their respective fields and melding it with its relevance to our industry, this year’s Expo! Expo! offers a robust learning experience that consists of six unique education tracks that will strengthen your team from the inside out, so that your organization purrs and your shows pack quite the punch.

Science & Technology of a Show is designed for industry IT professionals who carry great responsibility within their organization’s technology department. Sessions will explore the latest tech available such as AI, chatbots and other business intelligence products as well as delve into the ever-important issue of cybersecurity.

Global Insights is specific to those who organize meetings outside the United States and/or whose focus prioritizes the global market. Key emerging markets will be examined, as well as logistics and legalities involved in show organizing within the international arena.

Attendee Marketing explores the ins and outs of traditional marketing and the latest digital media strategies to effectively drive attendee acquisition and brand loyalty, including case studies of highly successful show marketing. CEIR research on what works and what doesn’t – straight from the attendee’s mouths – will be presented and analyzed.

Show Design & Strategy is customized to those responsible for the operation and execution of creating powerful face-to-face experiences. The latest methodologies honed from attendee behavior and neuroscience will be addressed along with crucial information such as legalities and risk management, and incorporating the latest safety and security measures.

Exhibitor Sales & Sponsorship is all about building and enhancing exhibitor and partnership opportunities. These sessions explore the art of creating that fine balance between mutually beneficial relationships and profitability, while standing out among the competition.

Leadership & Management explores what effective leaders must consider, and act upon, in their strive to make their organization the best it can be at all times. These sessions foster the qualities that have always defined executive leaders, such as effective team building and strategic decision making. They also look at newer leadership aspects such as incorporating diversity and geopolitical trends key to forward-thinking executives.

These 140+ learning experiences will take place on and off the show floor, in various environments and formats. From the traditional settings in presentation rooms to smaller, more dynamic settings sprinkled throughout the show floor, I have no doubt that every member of your team will walk away from Expo! Expo! with the tools and knowledge they need to take 2019 to the next level.

I look forward to seeing you and all the members of your team in New Orleans this December!


David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA
President & CEO

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