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From the MATSO Perspective…An Interview with Jim Pittas, Senior VP, PMMI

IAEE had the pleasure of interviewing longtime IAEE member Jim Pittas, Senior Vice President with PMMI. Jim produces the PACK EXPO and is currently a member of the IAEE MATSO Council. Jim has been a member of IAEE since 1994 and was also the chair of the 2015 Best Practices in Priority Point Systems Task Force.

¿Cómo empezó en la industria de las exposiciones?

In 1992 I answered a job ad to sell ads space and got a call to sell trade show space. The rest, they say, is history.

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¿Qué consejo le daría a un nuevo miembro de la IAEE o a una persona que se una a la comunidad de exposiciones?

Whatever you do be passionate about it. Work hard and always try to be better.

¿Cuál es el mayor desafío al dirigir su programa?

We have launched three new shows in the past three years and need to show consistent value to our exhibitors and members. With the constantly evolving elements in technology and the need to innovate to keep the show fresh, it is a careful balancing act of providing new and fresh content to keep members and exhibitors engaged.

Cuéntanos un dato divertido o una historia que la mayoría de la gente no sabría sobre ti.

I graduated collage and started grad school to become a clinical psychologist.

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Any final thoughts for those wanting to be more involved with IAEE?

Over the years IAEE has provided me with several great opportunities to network with other industry professionals. There is no other group with this convening authority and it has been the foundation of many lasting connections throughout my career. As an organizer of a major trade show, the addition of matso as a council of IAEE has added even more value to me and demonstrates the commitment that IAEE has to its membership.

IAEE has done a tremendous job at providing value for its diverse membership base. I would recommend that new members take the time to read the emails about IAEE’s initiatives, join a task force or committee, attend local chapter events and start networking right away.

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