Warnings to Exhibitors

Warnings & Cautions

  • 14 September 2011
    If you wish to file a mail fraud complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspectors regarding Fair Guide Construct Data, click on the following link: https://postalinspectors.uspis.gov/forms/MailFraudComplaint.aspx
    The form is relatively short and simple to complete online. Please list the full name of the company as Fair Guide Construct Data and the type of scheme would be False Bill or Invoice. U.S. Postal Inspectors nationwide will be able to track your complaint much easier using this method.  

  • 20 October 2010
    Fair Guide Sample Response

    If you believe you have been mislead and have accidentally entered into an agreement with Fair Guide or Expo Guide and compensated them, please refer to this letter as a resource to assist in communicating your position.

  • 1 October 2009
    World Business Guide

    The World Business Guide is a product of International Directories Group, Ltd. of Madrid, Spain. The company invites businesses to list themselves in its database. The form used to gather contact information says in part, “(Updating is Free of Charge)” in boldface type.
    However, embedded in a lengthy paragraph labeled “Order" - in very small type - is a binding three-year agreement that automatically renews every year for another year at a cost of € 995 (about $1455 USD). Dating and signing the Data Control form will bind you to the agreement.
    The pitch is remarkably similar to the methodology that has been employed by companies like Construct Data/Fairguide and Expoguide Mexico, who have plagued exhibitors and others in the exhibitions and events industry throughout the world.
    Sign the World Business Guide Data Control form only if you wish to purchase a database listing that will cost you a minimum of $1455 a year for at least three years.
    Show Organizers may wish to share this information with their database of exhibitors.

  • 20 May 2008

Expo-Guide, probably a shell organization of Construct Data/Fairguide, has begun soliciting IAEE members and Expo! Expo! exhibitors. A copy of the solicitation is provided by clicking on the letter below, and you will see that the small text at the bottom of the form states the terms for returning a completed form. Do not be fooled! The “offer” while factually correct, can be easily misunderstood by the typical exhibit manager.

IAEE condemns the activities of Expo-Guide and Construct Data/Fairguide, and believes it constitutes an unfair infringement and improper intrusion into the business affairs of the IAEE.

Exhibition Organizers:
Visit www.Expo-Guide.com and do a keyword search to determine if your event(s) appears in their database. If it does, you will want to advise your exhibitors now to be wary of any offers for free directory listings that may come their way from Expo-Guide (or others who are not affiliated with you).

Warning to Exhibitors

IAEE Letter to Expo-Guide

Expo-Guide Form

Expo-Guide Envelope

Expo-Guide Letter

  • On 20 April 2007, IAEE wrote a letter to the Federal Trade Commission requesting them to intervene on behalf of U.S. companies against Fairguide.com/Construct Data.  Click here to view the letter.

  • On 5 March 2007, we received additional information from AEO regarding a settlement from Fairguide.com/Construct Data. Click here to view the update.

  • On 21 June 2006, the Austrian Trade Commission located in New York, N.Y. responded to a request by IAEE for a status update on legal standings concerning Fairguide.com/Construct Data. Click here to view the response.