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Plan Your Next Event With Confidence and Assure Your Event Stakeholders with Science Backed Data

IAEE is pleased to team with Epistemix, a leading provider of analytical tools that empower leaders to make better decisions by simulating how diseases, ideas, and behavior spread through populations, to provide exhibition and event organizers, destination marketing organizations and venues, with a special rate to access Epistemix’s modeling software dashboard to support business decisions.

Changes in the COVID-19 pandemic continue to threaten the exhibitions, conferences, and sports industries, but data can help leaders plan to host events safely. Any organization looking to host a show or event has to account for changing information from public health officials. In such a complex environment, how can organizers demonstrate they can operate events in a safe and sustainable way?

Epistemix has worked with city and state leaders in public health and the Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance to develop a decision support solution that meets the needs for organizers and public health officials.

The Epistemix solution simulates the impact of mask wearing, social distancing, and different levels of vaccination coverage at your event given the changes in the epidemic and vaccination coverage of where attendees are coming from.

The Epistemix analysis per show is $2,400 USD. Event professionals receive a special rate with code: IAEE10


About Epistemix

Epistemix is a leading provider of analytical tools that empower leaders to make better decisions by simulating how diseases, ideas, and behavior spread through populations. We leverage decades of epidemiological experience, diverse datasets, realistic population dynamics, and scientific best-practice to build computational models that forecast the impacts of policy interventions, so that organizations can take informed action.

Why Epistemix?

Epistemix empowers leaders to accelerate a safe return to events with rigorous simulations informed by decades of epidemiological experience.

  • Compare the efficacy of specific mitigation measures for your event.
  • Forecast attendee, staff, and community health impacts across a variety of scenarios.
  • Communicate key results to regulators, attendees, exhibitors, and other stakeholders.

Epistemix modeling factors in:

  • Local infection rates and trends
  • Local and national vaccinations rates and trends
  • Predictive modeling of where attendees and exhibitors will be coming from
  • Other factors to provide that help provide event managers with a sense of the potential COVID impacts around an event.
  • Epistemix data is also utilized to plan the event timing to limit COVID risks. (Looking at increases in vaccination and infection rates, which may lower infection probability around an event, as those who have had the virus now have anti-bodies.)

Download more information here.

What you get with the Epistemix platform:

  • Customized dashboard and report
  • Toolkit to effectively communication to event stakeholders