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The IAEE Ambassador Program invites current members to share the value of IAEE with other potential members. While the “Toolkit” provides resources to help you share the benefits of membership with your peers, your own experience with our association and telling others why you continue to be a member, is the best testimony you can provide.

If you are interested in being an Ambassador, download the resources on this page and use them as a guide when talking to prospective members.

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Goals for Ambassadors


Talking about IAEE

These talking points are for guidance only. To personalize your conversation, we encourage you to create your own “elevator pitch” that incorporates your own IAEE experiences as a member.

Who is IAEE?

Connectors of Community

Through MemberLink and Community Forums, IAEE brings the exhibitions and events ecosystem together to collaborate and find solutions to pressing challenges.

Stewards of Business Intelligence

To better inform strategic decision-making on events, IAEE members have access to CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research) reports and timely data on the state of the exhibitions industry.

Advocacy in Action

Advocacy comes in many forms. IAEE is committed to leading by example with initiatives on Capitol Hill through the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance, investing in member communities (i.e. MATSO, YPs and Women), and being the voice of the global exhibitions and events industry.

Passionate about Professional Development

From the certification journey to global events, and webinars and on-demand content on a variety of topics, IAEE provides professional development at all levels of career management.

Serious about Social Impact

IAEE embraces initiatives with our show partners and members to be good stewards of the environment, community, and exhibitions and events ecosystem.


IAEE exists to facilitate the evolution of the exhibitions and events industry.

What began as a theme for the 2022 IAEE Expo! Expo!, “The Place To Be” is what encompasses all that IAEE continues to be.

About IAEE

IAEE represents over 12,000 individuals in over 50 countries who conduct and support exhibitions around the world. Over 50 percent of IAEE’s members are directly involved in the planning, management, and production of exhibitions and buyer-seller events. The remainder of our membership consists of those who provide products and services to the industry. IAEE values and promotes diversity of membership, in terms of company size, products, and geographical area. Each active member organization is given one vote, regardless of size. Benefits of IAEE Membership include professional development, industry news and publications, industry and professional resources, service partner discounts, advocacy before the government and media, leadership development, and local chapter membership.

IAEE Mission

IAEE globally promotes the unique value of exhibitions and events and is the principal resource for those who plan, produce and service the industry.

Create Your Own Pitch

Answer the following questions

Sample Elevator Pitch - Make it Your Own!

Sample 1

IAEE is the exhibition and event industry’s leading authority for certification, education, networking, and advocacy. Through our membership benefits, we offer members the opportunity to enhance themselves personally and professionally by providing a vehicle to grow and continue their industry knowledge, network with industry leaders, stay current on changes within, and be active in our IAEE community.

Sample 2

IAEE is our industry’s leading exhibitions and events authority for education, networking, and advocacy. Through our face-to-face meetings and social events, webinars, extensive industry resource library, and our interactive Memberlink tool, we offer the opportunity to enhance your personal and professional growth by providing a vehicle to grow your industry knowledge, expand your network, stay current on industry trends, and become active in our IAEE community and activities.

IAEE Membership At A Glance

Types of Organizer Members

pie chart that shows "55% not for profit" and "45% for profit"

Types of Events Produced by Organizer Members