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IAEE’s chapters provide members with professional development as well as business-to-business and leadership opportunities.  Our grass roots outreach is where members can experience valuable peer and partner relationships through local chapter involvement and participation.

Become involved in your local chapter by attending educational programming, volunteering for a committee, becoming a sponsor of an event, or by participating in social events such as golf, kickball and volleyball tournaments annually. Contact your local chapter today!

Central Texas Chapter

Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter

DePaul University Chapter

Georgia State University Chapter

India Chapter

Johnson & Wales University Chapter

Mexico Chapter

Middle East and North Africa Chapter

Midwestern Chapter

Mid-South Chapter

IAEE’s online directory will allow you access to a full listing of all chapter members. This directory is a Members Only resource, and is located under your Member Dashboard.

Each IAEE member receives membership in their local IAEE Chapter at no additional cost.

IAEE Chapters often charge members for events to recoup the cost of putting on educational and social programs. Although attendance to these events isn’t mandatory, we want to stress the importance of networking in our industry and how pivotal continued learning is to your career.