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IAEE activities are centered around our communities through engagement at the local and national levels; education tailored to specific groups; and networking opportunities year round.

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Consumer Events

Serving the Business-to-Consumer trade show organizer, the Consumer Events community brings together B2C organizers to learn and network from one another. IAEE and its Consumer Events Council are dedicated in providing resources to the consumer show organizer.

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IAEE’s Faculty Resource Center includes many teaching tools that are available for IAEE faculty members including lesson plans, learner outcomes, activities, test/quiz questions, presentation slides, videos, research papers, faculty poster sessions and more.

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IT Professionals

IT professionals are a growing segment of the IAEE membership. This community provides education tracks specifically geared to the IT professional, related blogs and articles and the opportunity to network with like-minded IT enthusiasts.

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The MATSO (Major American Trade Show Organizer) community is available for any large show organizer that produces a show in the US with more than 200,000 NSF. IAEE’s MATSO Council directs the association’s activities including dedicated programming twice a year, a private discussion group, blogs and article from the large show organizer’s perspective and more.

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IAEE has developed an extensive resource center to help students navigate a career in exhibitions and events. Get information on how to create a viable and lifelong career path in the trade show industry.

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Women in Exhibitions

Nobody does it like IAEE! Join our robust community for Women in Exhibitions including events, networking, education and leadership activities, awards, news, articles and tips.

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Young Professionals

IAEE recognizes and nurture this next wave in the workforce. The IAEE Young Professionals initiative is chock full of resources, tips, a dedicated committee addressing young professionals’ needs and perspectives, programming at Expo! Expo! and much more.

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