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Suitcasing Tool Kit

Suitcasing is the act of soliciting business in the aisles during the exhibition or in other public spaces, including another company’s booth or a hotel lobby. The International Association of Exhibitions and Events® (IAEE) has created the Suitcasing Tool Kit for Event Organizers. The Tool Kit is designed to help event organizers handle situations of suitcasing abuse and/or allegations that may arise at a show in a timely, efficient and discreet manner.

The various models included in the kit can easily be incorporated and adapted to the overall show plan, as well as distributed to participating exhibitors as a clear guideline of the organization’s position on suitcasing.

“It is important to be tough on suitcasing. Non-exhibiting manufacturers/suppliers should be made aware that they will be banned from the show and future shows if caught suitcasing. Signs should be posted at all entrances re suitcasing and the penalties. Exhibitors must perceive that Show Management is ‘tough’ on suitcasers and is vigilant to stop them. Otherwise they will ultimately cause exhibitor unhappiness and show erosion.” Chuck Schwartz, CEM, Chairman, ConvExx.

IAEE’s Suitcasing Tool Kit for Event Organizers includes:

1) Suitcasing Policy Statement

A model for the sponsor of the exhibition to inform exhibitors.

2) Notification of Suitcasing Dispute

To be prepared onsite by show management and furnished to alleged suitcasing violator.

3) Record of Alleged Suitcasing Violations

Sample of record maintained by show management detailing suitcasing activity during the show.

4) IAEE’s Policy on Suitcasing

The policy adopted by the IAEE Board of Directors

Download a free full page, 4-color ad (hi-resolution PDF format) to be used in your marketing and promotional collateral showing your support against suitcasing.