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CEM Learning Program
CEM Learning Program

CEM Preferred Provider Program

As part of the CEM recertification process, CEMs must earn at least 15 credit hours every three years. Credit hours may be earned through a combination of three categories, one of which is professional continuing education. Educational credit hours are based on contact hours, which are defined as the number of clock hours spent in direct participation in a structured educational format.  One contact hour is equivalent to one credit hour (non-educational time spent networking, on breaks or registration do not qualify). Education must be industry-related and directly relate to one of the thirteen CEM Learning Program courses. Staff will determine if programming directly relates to one of the thirteen CEM Learning Program courses as part of the application process. Examples include education attended at industry events or higher education courses related to the industry.

As a CEM Preferred Provider, you receive the following benefits:

  • Showcase you are a CEM Preferred Provider with a special logo, verbiage and be listed on the IAEE website as a CEM Preferred Provider
  • Your education will be listed on the IAEE CEM Calendar
  • IAEE can manage uploading attendees’ recertification credits for your education

Program Information

Companies that would like to offer and market their education programs to CEMs for recertification are required to become a CEM Preferred Provider. You must complete a CEM Preferred Provider Agreement first which will then be reviewed by IAEE for approval.

The CEM Preferred Provider Program is a yearly program. Once you are approved, your status will remain active for one year from the time the application is approved.

Fees are based on number of programs being submitted for credit and whether you are a for-profit or non-profit company.

Non-profit fee For-profit fee
1 program $250 USD $350 USD
Unlimited programs $1000 USD $1100 USD

Once the Preferred Provider Agreement is received by IAEE and approved, an invoice will be sent. Once payment is received by IAEE, you will become a CEM Preferred Provider.

Submitting education for approval

Each education program must be submitted separately through this form. Once approved, you may market the program and IAEE will place the program on the IAEE website.

Steps to becoming a CEM Preferred Provider

  1. Review the CEM Preferred Provider Agreement Form
  2. Return completed form to
  3. Once agreement is approved by IAEE, an invoice will be sent.
  4. Once payment is received, you will become a CEM Preferred Provider.
  5. Fill out the Session Review Form for each event.

The following entities are CEM Preferred Providers:

  1. Exhibitors WINH
  2. Lippman Connects
  3. Personify