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Along with the IAEE Board of Directors, the association is comprised of councils, committees and task forces, all created to fulfill IAEE’s strategic initiatives. IAEE members are critical in shaping the future of the association and the industry, and with your help, we are confident that IAEE will continue to grow and influence decision makers both inside and outside of the industry.

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

IAEE values its volunteer leaders and offers a variety of opportunities for involvement including councils, committees, task forces and short-term ad hoc projects. There is a separate process for the Board of Directors. Through the volunteer leader selection process, IAEE works to identify the best committee for the volunteers strengths and skills to foster continued engagement to ensure IAEE continues to meet member needs.

The incoming board chairperson appoints volunteers for one-year terms by the end of each year (renewable up to three years total contingent on multiple factors). Your passion, expertise and experience is needed!

Interested in serving on a committee or task force?

Interest forms are accepted between 31 January and 31 August for the subsequent year’s volunteers.

(Example: If you submit forms from 31 January to 31 August 2024, your interest form will be reviewed for 2025 committees and task forces).


The Chapter Leaders Council determines issues of common interest between and to IAEE’s leadership and IAEE’s Chapters. IAEE’s policy is to promote the welfare of its chapters and to encourage cooperation between the International organization and its chapters.

The China Council will assist IAEE in establishing working partnerships with key exhibition organizations in China for the purpose of sharing vital information, promoting the global exhibition industry and enhancing effective communications.

The Consumer Events Council serves as an advocate for organizers and suppliers of consumer events through awareness, engagement, education and recognition. The Council develops recommendations for the consideration of the IAEE Board of Directors and is permitted to adopt policy statements that address industry issues of particular interest to the organizers and suppliers of consumer events.

The focus of the MATSO (Major American Trade Show Organizer) Council is on all functional aspects of major show production and to create a collective voice reflecting the unique perspective of the producers of major, industry-leading events.