As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.As a consistently top-tier rated venue, the OCCC is dedicated to creating Transformational Experiences.

Speaker Resource Center

General Speaker Information

IAEE offers various educational programming for their members throughout the year.  To stay fluid in the planning process, we have created a year-round online call for proposals tool that allows professional keynote speakers to upload their session information so that their information is kept on file for a period of 2 years.  This information will be accessed by various members of the IAEE staff for use in educational planning purposes.  We will continue to send out formal call for presentation emails for specific programs, but please know by uploading your content here – we will automatically have your information.

  1. Note for Suppliers: If you are an industry supplier submitting a proposal, you will not be considered to present unless you are an IAEE member who includes an organizer as a co-presenter.
  2. External Speaker Policy – An External Speaker refers to a speaker who is not a member of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events and has a commercial interest and who is considered as a potential supplier member. External Speakers will not be considered eligible to present to a formal IAEE audience except in the following situations:
    • External Speaker is a professional speaker and primary business is speaking
    • External Speaker has a reciprocal partnership that exists between IAEE and said speaker/organization, is an active member in good standing.
    • External Speaker is a nonmember exhibitor/supplier who has paid to exhibit in the IAEE Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting and Exhibition for the current year in which you ask to present.

IAEE Educational Events

IAEE produces and holds various events and educational programs throughout the year. These programs include IAEE Expo! Expo! Annual Meeting & Exhibition, various Women’s  Leadership programs, Leadership Institute program as well as several other programs we co-partner with to provide educational programming.

Call for Proposal for IAEE Educational Programs

IAEE Webinars

IAEE holds monthly webinars for our membership that are 30-60 minutes in length. We would love to have you showcase your complimentary presentation and share your expertise and knowledge with them.

Benefit to Presenters: This a great opportunity for presenters to gain exposure to our membership that includes association, corporate and independent organizers as well as business services suppliers who conduct their own annual exhibitions, trade shows, meetings and events throughout the year. This also allows IAEE the opportunity to review your content and consider you as a presenter for future educational events. IAEE is not able to provide compensation for webinar presentations.

Call for Proposal for IAEE Webinars

Topics of Interest for Submissions

  • Attendee & Exhibitor Acquisition & Retention: Content geared towards defining, branding and promoting your event through various marketing mediums to drive attendee acquisition, engagement and loyalty.
  • Event Technologies: Content focused on technology products, services and resources for show organizers and presented as real-life case studies.
  • Leadership & Management: Content designed to expand and strengthen the business acumen and leadership skills, in order to become more effective leaders, gain new perspectives, explore emerging trends and transform them into actionable insights.
  • Operational Efficiencies: Content geared towards the design and delivery of trade shows and events utilizing cost-effective strategies.
  • Partner Sales & Sponsorships: Content geared towards identifying, building and enhancing exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, identifying new revenue potential, and developing your selling skills to meet ongoing customer needs.
  • Research & Trends: Content providing objective and independent views and insights relevant and specific to the exhibitions and events industry.
  • Safety, Security & Risk Management: Content focused on keeping your stakeholders safe and mitigating risks.
  • Show Design: Content geared towards those responsible for the operation and execution of events that create powerful face-to-face marketing opportunities.
  • Sustainability: Content focused on resources available for implementing sustainable events.
  • Value Creation: Content focused on the design and delivery of trade shows and events that create value for customers.

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IAEE Education Department

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Senior Vice President, Events and Learning Experiences
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Jennifer Potter, CEM
Senior CEM Program Manager
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Stacy Powers
Director of Learning Experiences
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