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As the leading authority in the exhibitions industry, IAEE is an ultimate resource for best practices, case studies and guidelines for producing successful trade shows.

RFP Templates

In 2021, IAEE was honored to be gifted the Request-for-Proposal (RFP) templates from Larry Kulchawik.  Larry’s goal is to continue to give back to the industry and share his love of international exhibitions. IAEE will continue his legacy of providing this content to the industry.  These RFP templates have been developed to enhance communication between international exhibit suppliers and manager organizers seeking a proposal for an international trade show event.  Nearly all exhibit supplier companies worldwide understand English; however, not all words and terms used may be clearly understood in other languages and countries. A knowledgeable exhibit service partner will advise the trade show manager about regulations, customs and exhibit design differences when doing a trade show in their country. Understand and respect what is different from country to country to ensure a successful event.

RFPs are available in various languages and can be found in the IAEE KnowledgeHub.

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Essential Considerations for Safely Reopening Exhibitions and Events, Version Three (updated 1 April 2022)

The highly anticipated white paper provides enhanced information for consideration by exhibition organizers when planning for and producing an exhibition during a pandemic. 

Areas of content include:
  • General Principles for Health & Safety Operations
  • Communication, Education, & Awareness
  • Exhibition & Event Operations
  • Convention Centre/Venue Cleaning Prevention Measures
  • Legal Considerations

Enhancements to version three include:

  • Operational procedures from service contractors, including exhibitor on-site ordering, labor operational processes, post event/move-out and registration build
  • COVID-19 testing options and operational considerations
  • Legal considerations for attendee and employee vaccines and testing mandates
  • Risk assessment tools in determining risk level and mitigation measures
  • Additional resources from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and Exhibitor Services & Contractors Association (ESCA)

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Art of the Show Textbook – 5th Edition

The fifth edition focuses on the requirements for planning and holding a successful exhibition, both B2B and B2C events; what must be done leading up and during the exhibition and post-event, to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers that fosters engagement and offers a synergistic environment. Written by a broad spectrum of industry experts, this body of knowledge is a standard resource in university and college classrooms around the world and provides an up-to-date resource for the experienced professional. ISBN 978-0-9895833-2-9

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Convention Center Facilities Contracts

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This manual provides relevant information to help you understand your legal agreements. It is divided into five sections.

  • Section 1 deals with how convention centers traditionally evaluate a show’s economic value and determine the priority it will receive within their booking policy hierarchy.
  • Section 2 provides a generalized overview on what provisions should be negotiated, or at the very least carefully reviewed prior to signing any center contract.
  • Sections 3 and 4 present all of this material in outline format. They are designed to provide a detailed checklist to use as a guide, both prior to and during actual negotiations.
  • Section 5 is a glossary, providing definitions for the legal terms and phrases found in most center contracts.

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Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations

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Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations have been established by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events® (IAEE) to assist in promoting continuity and consistency among North American exhibitions and events. This revised 2019 edition is offered as a resource for exhibition and event organizers to use in creating consistent and fair exhibiting standards for their events.

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Skills Matrix & Job Descriptions Templates

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IAEE began working with U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in 2014 to update the core competencies model for the events industry. In 2014 the DOL formally moved Meetings, Events and Exhibitions Management into a separate industry sector, further validating the exhibitions management as a “career of choice”.

This publication includes a compilation of all job competencies, skills, knowledge and abilities needed for various job levels along with corresponding job description templates organized in the job function areas of Operations, Sales/Business Development, Marketing, Meeting and Event Operations and Strategic Management. This information can be used by manager and HR professionals to design job descriptions, titles, benchmarks and performance measures.

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IAEE Priority Points Systems

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This report provides insight into assigning booth space using priority points and includes approaches by both association and independent organizers. Created by IAEE Priority Points Task Force.

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