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Welcome to the immersive leadership experience for today’s exhibitions and events professional.

Are you an emerging or current leader looking to enhance and further develop your leadership skills for today’s modern world? Are you looking to step into a higher leadership role, do more and be more, unlocking your leadership potential and capabilities? Being a leader can be a reality for anyone – whether it be leading your team, your organization or your community – the opportunity is yours!

Societal shifts are reshaping how companies operate, engage with people, customers and their communities. For successful leaders to develop, they need to have the mindset and the emotional intelligence to look through a different lens, be self-aware, to create and foster inclusive relationships and lead in a different way.

IAEE’s new Leadership Institute provides the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and lessons needed to transform behaviors, enhance performance, develop team collaboration, and build strategic relationships.

The Institute for IAEE members only, provides a tailored immersive educational program that develops one’s leadership competencies, skills and broad industry knowledge while creating a close network among participants through applied learning concepts, shared discussions, and self-reflection.

It’s about bringing together individuals who are interested in learning more about themselves so they can step up their leadership game, become effective strategists’ contributors, innovators and leaders whether it be within their families, organizations or communities.

This highly interactive curriculum and program integrates theory and practice to ensure institute participants leave capable of both thinking better and doing better.

2024 Curriculum: Leadership Masteries

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What does it take to be a successful leader – particularly in times of rapid change, new competition, and increasing complexity? This course will explore three areas of mastery that together are the building blocks of effective leadership – Self Mastery, Relationship Mastery and Context Mastery.

Self-Mastery identifies the thoughts, feelings and actions that shed light on our past experience and foster confidence and a new level of insight.  This helps set the stage for driving awareness of our behavior and its impact on others.

Relationship Mastery deals in part with how we lead in times of stress or uncertainty, when our teams need clarity and direction.  These are the times when we can be truly tested – personally and professionally – and when we can make the biggest impact.  An essential element of leadership lies in the values we hold and how they determine the decisions we make, whether conscious or not.  When we understand our values and the values of others, we have the ability to serve as a powerful influence in the decisions and choices of those we lead.

Context Mastery addresses our ability to become critical thinkers.  We must evaluate situations in their context, question assumptions and bias and place our team on the right track to succeed.  A useful tool we will explore is the one-page business plan, which will define the essential elements for a new project, department, initiative.

These leadership elements are part of the Master’s Program curriculum provided by San Diego State University’s Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, and presented by the Master’s Program co-directors, Ann Marie Kimble and Terri Breining.  While serving to guide the Master’s program, Ann Marie and Terri continue their work as industry leaders.

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