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A Modern Approach to Leadership Development!

Welcome to the immersive leadership experience for today’s exhibitions and events professional.

Are you an emerging or current leader looking to enhance and further develop your leadership skills for today’s modern world? Are you looking to step into a higher leadership role, do more and be more? Being a leader can be a reality for anyone – whether it be leading your team, your organization or your community – the opportunity is yours!

The world is constantly changing and evolving as societal shifts reshape how companies operate, engage with people, customers and their communities. For successful leaders to develop, they need to have the mindset and the emotional intelligence to look through a different lens, be self-aware, to create and foster inclusive relationships and lead in a different way.

IAEE’s new Leadership Institute provides the leaders of tomorrow with the knowledge and lessons needed to transform behaviors, create inclusive mindsets, enhance performance, develop team collaboration, and build strategic relationships.

The Institute for IAEE members only, provides a tailored immersive educational program that develops one’s leadership competencies, skills and broad industry knowledge while creating a close network among participants through applied learning concepts, shared discussions, and self-reflection.

It’s about bringing together individuals who are interested in learning more about themselves so they can step up their leadership game, become effective strategists’ contributors, innovators and leaders whether it be within their families, organizations or communities.

This highly interactive curriculum and program integrates theory and practice to ensure institute participants leave capable of both thinking better and doing better.

It is an in-depth program and participants are required to be fully present for all hours of the program and scheduled activities, arriving the day prior to event start date and staying until the program fully commences on Friday at 12 PM EST.

2023 Curriculum: Mastering Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leaders and companies recognize that inclusion is much more than a moral obligation; it’s a competitive advantage. They enjoy full team engagement and drive much higher profitability by incorporating inclusive practices. Operationalizing inclusion is vital for today’s leaders; however, many leaders recognize they lack the knowledge required to do so.

In this immersive program, inclusive leadership expert, Melissa Majors, delivers clarity on the strategies and actions of the most inclusive leaders. She, along with your colleagues and industry peers, will guide you on transformation from intent to sustainable action.

Your personal journey includes a 360 inclusive leadership assessment, which offers a clear view of your impact where your results will serve as a guide to your specific areas of focus throughout the program and beyond.

Through research, best practices, storytelling and introspection, you’ll gain a common-sense yet compelling and actionable approach to becoming an inclusive leader. This experience will enable you to become a leader that empowers all to thrive and capitalize on performance advantages association with inclusion.

Through active participation, you will be able to:

  • Develop an inclusive mindset and develop the business case for becoming more inclusive.
  • Identify and mitigate unintentional barriers to inclusion.
  • Gain best practices from some of the most inclusive leaders.
  • Understand the relationship between neuroscience and inclusive behaviors.
  • Relate to others with greater empathy.
  • Utilize inclusive decision-making frameworks that mitigate groupthink and foster innovative outcomes.
  • Create psychological safety across your team, organization and colleagues.
  • Communicate effectively in a diverse and global industry
  • Evolve personal leadership skills through intentional self-evaluation and address your performance as an inclusive leader.
  • Guide others on how to navigate exclusion in the workplace.
  • Earn 10.5 hours towards CEM certification/recertification.

Why Attend?

If you’re ready to develop and enhance your leadership skills and become a more inclusive leader, unlock full team engagement for all, share power and operationalize inclusion, this is a must attend experience.

  • Reveal and mitigate unintended consequences of biased thoughts and behaviors
  • Move beyond the fear of making uninformed choices to wise actions related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Master evidence-based tactics that foster healthier collaboration, employee and team engagement, innovation and empathy.
  • Serve as an ally and help team members navigate injustice and micro-aggression at work.
  • Benchmark your own inclusive leadership capabilities with 360 insights and self-reflection.
  • Join a community of peers to share vulnerable thoughts, fears, and insights related to inclusion, without reputational risk or shame.

Earn 10.5 clock hours towards CEM recertification.

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