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The IAEE Young Professionals group was created to fill an important niche in the exhibitions and events community. If you are 35 or under and are looking for a network with core life objectives including career advancement, becoming financially secure and being involved in a special interest group while maintaining a social life, then IAEE Young Professionals is right for you.

IAEE supports the young professionals community by offering tailored programs, education and events designed to give future leaders in the exhibitions and events industry with social and professional networking support.


If you have any questions or want to become more involved, please send an email to

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To better serve our student and young professional community, IAEE has created a mentor portal for individuals to choose a topic and ask a question to one of our seasoned professionals. Questions submitted will go directly to one of our professionals for review and to provide appropriate feedback and guidance.

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Updates from the Chair

Alex Land, CEM

Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority
2016 Chairperson
IAEE Young Professional Committee

June 2016

One of the coolest aspects of my IAEE involvement has been working with the Expo! Expo! Education Committee over the past two years. This year I asked IAEE to allow a YP to join for this year’s session review at GES’ wonderful new offices in Alexandria. This was the first time we’ve done this, and IAEE graciously allowed it.

Molly Hamill, CMP (of NACS fame) volunteered. Molly and the rest of the YP Committee took a ton of time prior to the meeting and identified a top 10 list from the over 130 abstracts we received this year.

We were able to dig through tons of great content. We also had to debate a few ‘millennials are all lazy and here’s how to manage them’ type sessions as well.

Truly exciting: seeing so many of our peers submit topics. I’m ridiculously proud to see that YPs are taking on ownership of where the Exhibitions and Events Industry is heading.

2016 Expo! Expo!

It’s All About Young Professionals at Expo! Expo!.

IAEE loves its YP Community. We have special programming for YP’s who are attending Expo! Expo! in Anaheim, CA. Check out our Young Professionals page for information on education sessions and networking opportunities.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The IAEE Young Professionals Committee has teamed up with all U.S. IAEE Chapters to hold a meet-up prior to Expo! Expo! allowing professionals to network and make connections before they get to the show! Be sure to get in touch with your local chapter, and plan to attend and get plugged in!

Expo! Expo! YP Kickoff Meet-Ups
Date Chapter and Location
16 Nov DFW ChapterExpo! Expo! Kick-Off Meet-Up
16 Nov Southeast Chapter (Atlanta)Expo! Expo! Kick-Off Meet-Up
16 Nov Southeast Chapter (Orlando)Expo! Expo! Kick-Off Meet-Up
16 Nov Washington, D.C. ChapterExpo! Expo! Kick-Off Meet-Up
16 Nov New York ChapterExpo! Expo! Kick-Off Meet-Up
16 Nov Midwestern Chapter (Chicago)Expo! Expo! Kick-Off Meet-Up
16 Nov Southwest Chapter (Las Vegas)Expo! Expo! Kick-Off Meet-Up

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What is the YP Spotlight? GOOD QUESTION!

IAEE’s Young Professional Committee recognizes a young professional in the exhibitions and events industry in each quarterly YP Connect Newsletter. You can find all past newsletters by following this link.

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Elizabeth George

Associate Manager/Customer & Audience Solutions
Informa Exhibitions

Q: How did you get started / involved in the industry?
A: I found myself here because of good old fashioned networking! A former college friend referred me to the company and for the position that I am in now. You never know what opportunities that friend from college or the person you met at an industry event may lead to!

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