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Consumer Events Council

The Consumer Events Council of IAEE meets at a minimum of two times each year, during IAEE’s major meeting events and/or by teleconference, to focus on issues and policies that are of specific relevance and importance to those who organize and supply public events.

The Council develops recommendations for the consideration of the IAEE Board of Directors. The Council is also permitted to adopt policy statements that address industry issues relevant to the organizers and suppliers of public events. Such policies may be adopted without the prior approval of the IAEE Board of Directors so long as they conform to the provisions of Article IX of the IAEE Bylaws.

2023 Consumer Events Council


Michelle Metter, Partner

Fast Forward Event Productions


Staff Liaisons

Cathy Breden, CMP-F, CAE, CEM

Interim CEO
Executive Vice President & COO, IAEE


Beverly Benbow, M. Sc.

Director: Governance, Board and Committee Administration, IAEE