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Consumer Events Council

The Consumer Events Council serves as an advocate for producers and vendors for consumer/live events
through awareness, engagement, education and recognition. The Council develops recommendations for the consideration of the IAEE Board of Directors and is permitted to adopt policy statements that address industry issues of particular interest to the producers and vendors of consumer/live events. Such policies may be adopted without the prior approval of the IAEE Board of Directors so long as they conform to the provisions of Article IX of the IAEE Bylaws.

▪ Grow and sustain the Consumer Shows/Consumer Events Community

General Council Responsibilities
▪ Develop recommended public policy positions for the consideration of the IAEE Board of Directors.
▪ Identify and recommend research needs to staff.
▪ Propose and recommend education programming.
▪ Identify and assist in the recruitment of new members who are producers and vendors for consumer/
live events.
▪ Identify initiatives to facilitate engagement with the consumer events community.
▪ Engage in strategic planning and advance recommended strategies to the IAEE Board of Directors.

Consumer Events Resources

2024 Consumer Events Council

2024 Chairperson

Michelle Metter
Fast Forward Event Productions


Staff Leads

Cathy Breden, CMP-F, CAE, CEM
Executive Vice President & COO, IAEE
Beverly Benbow, M. Sc.
Director: Governance, Board and Committee Administration, IAEE