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Event Technologies Committee

Overview & Objective 
As technology is fundamental to the successful production and execution of exhibitions. Increased involvement of technology leaders within the industry is of strategic value to IAEE. Although there are existing IAEE members that hold technology positions within member companies and associations, this represents a relatively small percentage of total technology leaders throughout the industry. There is an opportunity for IAEE to grow its membership and provide enhanced technology industry leadership by deploying a technology-centric member engagement model.

The committee will be is comprised of technology domain experts and exhibition organizers who are thought leaders and who provide regular insight and feedback on current and emerging technology trends that have the potential of disrupting the exhibitions and events industry.

2024 Charge 
Create a recommended engagement model for consideration by the IAEE Board of Directors, identifying potential content providers and opportunities to engage the community. Consider the following:
• Identify ways to bridge the gap between technical expertise and events business knowledge and promote the Event Technologies Committee.
• Produce periodic (monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly interactive) virtual roundtables with case studies from organizer members with a focus on event technology to identify challenges, shared experiences, and solutions. (Case studies could be organizer/vendor content).
• Invite non-member IT guests
• Focus on member-driven content.
• Hold association-specific (no vendor) member networking calls and virtual roundtable discussions.
• Utilize online technology to support group communications/message boards.
• Develop Expo! Expo! buzz session and or networking opportunity
• Utilize information obtained through virtual roundtable discussions and surveys to enhance IT member experiences.
• Explore the development of a digital event technologies toolkit.

2024 Chairperson

Kapil Kher, CEM
Vice President of Information Technology

Board Liaison

2024 IAEE Board Director
Michelle Edmonson, CEM
Vice President, Exhibitions
AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology

Staff Lead

Lisa Buchanan
Vice President, Engagement and Digital Strategy