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Consumer Event Resources

About the Consumer Events Council

The Consumer Events Council serves as an advocate for producers and vendors for consumer/live events through awareness, engagement, education and recognition. The Council develops recommendations for the consideration of the IAEE Board of Directors and is permitted to adopt policy statements that address industry issues of particular interest to the producers and vendors of consumer/live events.

Learning and Community

The Consumer Events Council offers a community for business-to-consumer (B2C) producers to network on both an online community and in person, along with:

  • Learning (webinars, roundtables, sessions at events)
    • Data marketing
      • Security/Safety
      • Challenges that small companies encounter
      • Resources
  • Learning and Community
    • Networking
      • What are others doing right?
      • How challenges were overcome.
      • Identify new suppliers who can provide solutions for B2C organizers.
      • M&A.
    • Event – B2C Showcase
  • Marketplaces
    • Expo! Expo! Innovation Theatre