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An Organizer’s Guide to Exhibiting ROI (and More)

October 24, 2023

Program description:

Learning Objectives:

1. List 10+ types of exhibiting value and identify opportunities to support exhibitors in each area.

2. List 2 big types of evaluation that your exhibitors should complete, along with four different methods to determine the true value of exhibiting (again, sharing tips/ideas to help organizers help exhibitors in these areas).

3. Review relevant resources and answer questions submitted by organizers.


Many organizers wish to help their exhibitors because they care; but, even selfishly, it makes good business sense for you to go above and beyond to empower your exhibitors to justify their participation in your show.

The concept of exhibiting ROI and, more broadly, trade show value feels “fuzzy” for a lot of professionals on both sides of the aisle, so you may not be sure where to start… don’t worry – this session can help!

This program is eligible for 1.5 clock hours towards CEM recertification.

CEM Preferred Provider – Preferred Provider, Robyn Davis with Exhibitors WINH LLC




Robyn Davis, CPTD, CEM