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Crisis Reveals Real Leaders

April 1, 2020

Presented by Jerry Magar, Change Expert

Difficult and uncertain times can severely test (and reveal) the quality of an organization’s leadership. It is during these uncertain times that great leaders act – and act decisively. True leadership ability often shows itself in how these leaders cope in unexpected and challenging circumstances. While some panic, and see obstacles, others get creative, and thrive, as do their teams.

As the global pandemic continues to test all of us, how will you, through your actions, set an example for others? How will you highlight your leadership potential and position yourself to thrive in crisis and for the future? How you navigate this increasingly uncertain terrain can make all the difference.

Interviewed by Marsha Flanagan, VP of Learning Experiences for IAEE, hear from Jerry Magar, part of the IAEE KLI Faculty team, as he provides his leadership perspectives for leading and creating stability in difficult times and in this constantly changing world.

No registration required. This webinar is being pre-recorded. The webinar recording will be available on MemberLink on Wednesday, 1 April in the following communities; Open Forum, the Free Webinars section and in the Library of Learning under Professional Development.

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