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Evaluate and Enhance Your Key Exhibitor Communications

December 19, 2023

Program description:

Learning Objectives:

1. Review key components of an effective exhibitor communications plan

2. Evaluate your own efforts, identify improvement opportunities, and prioritize your list

3. Outline a plan to create several key exhibitor communications pieces


Effective communication between organizers like you and exhibitors is crucial to a productive working relationship and a successful show…

Many organizers struggle in this area (getting exhibitors to read emails, getting exhibitors to remember important information, getting exhibitors to take action, etc.); but, it doesn’t have to be that way for you anymore!

In this workshop, you will learn from Robyn, connect with your fellow organizers, and work on your own to improve your exhibitor communications for 2024 and beyond!

This program is eligible for 3 clock hours towards CEM recertification.

CEM Preferred Provider – Preferred Provider, Robyn Davis with Exhibitors WINH LLC




Robyn Davis, CPTD, CEM