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IAEE Special Webinar Series: Building Relationships That Last – Part 1- Accelerate Relationship Capital

August 12, 2021

Times sure have changed in the past year. Businesses changed and people always seem to be changing. What doesn’t change is the value of building trusted relationships with customers colleagues, vendors. In a world where practically everything can be automated, commoditized or outsourced, trusted relationships are the constant – the North Star – that change the growth trajectories of individuals and companies. Are you wanting to improve your business relationships and deepen opportunities to connect with your clients, customers and teams to maximize your value propositions?

We’ve teamed up with Business Relationship Expert, Ed Wallace, to bring you a 3-part IAEE Special Webinar Series titled, Building Business Relationships That Last, which we hope will bring you the knowledge, tips and useful recommendations for developing your sales and relationship building skills and allow you to grow your business opportunities! We hope you’ll join us for what will be a positive and informative series as we find ways to maximize our opportunities with others.

Join Ed Wallace, author of the #1 best seller The Relationship Engine, and Managing Director, AchieveNEXT® Relational Capital, for this fast moving, immediately actionable, webinar on transforming contacts into high performing relationships. You’ll never take another relationship for granted after this webinar.

Learner Objectives for Series

  • Hear Max the taxi driver’s competitor-proof approach to business relationships
  • Understand and apply the foundational Relational Capital Concepts;
    • Displaying Worthy Intent;
    • Understanding the essential qualities of Credibility; Integrity; Authenticity
    • Locating the Relational GPS (Goals, Passions, and Struggles) of every business contact
  • Use the Relational Ladder to transform contacts into high performing relationships

Learner Objectives for Part 1:

  • Maintain a fully-engaged workforce;
  • Structure your operations, productivity and corporate culture in a mixed hybrid world;
  • Relate to clients and customers who will be operating differently going forward.

IAEE webinars are free to members and available to non-members for $49.

NOTE – You can watch any of the 3-part series, even if you missed one. Recordings are available at


12:00-1:00 PM CST