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India is well on its way to taking a very significant role as a world economic power. History tells us that exhibitions and events play prominent roles in a nation’s economic development. The events that you produce, after all, are the platforms that bring buyers and sellers together. IAEE’s online resources and tools are intended to help you produce events of world class stature. We look forward to supporting you!

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Online Learning Library

Access these FREE Webinars to understand new perspectives and issues facing industry professionals directly from thought leaders themselves:

  • Converting Website Viewers to Event Attendees
  • Most Memorable Exhibits: An Analysis of Changes in the Key Factors Affecting Exhibit Recall in the Last Decade
  • Do Young Professionals Think Your Event Sucks?
  • The Spend Decision Part III: How Savvy Exhibit Managers are Saving Cost by Stretching Their Spend Budget
  • How to Grow Your Attendance Internationally
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