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Member FAQs

Does IAEE have individual memberships? 

IAEE membership is a company membership therefore you would need to join through your employer.  If you have questions about joining, please contact for more information.

Frequently Asked Membership Questions 

Can I use my personal email address as my main form of contact?

No, your membership is through your company therefore your company email address should be your primary email.  You may send your personal email as an alternative email.

How do I retrieve my member ID number?

Members may retrieve their ID number by logging on to using their user ID (e-mail address) and password. Once logged in, your membership number is located on the left side of the screen under your name. You may also contact to request your member ID number.

When is my IAEE membership up for renewal?

Your IAEE company membership expires one year from the day you join IAEE. For example, if an organization joins on 20 March 2023, its renewal date will be 31 March 2024.

How long before my membership becomes active?

Your IAEE company membership will be active within 48 hours of IAEE receiving your membership application and payment.

I recently changed jobs; can I transfer my IAEE membership to my new company or receive a refund?

No, IAEE memberships belong to the organization and are non-transferable and non-refundable.

How can I change the primary contact for my organization?

Use the IAEE Membership Census Form/Change Form to make any changes to the primary contact. You may update your Census Form through the organization membership online dashboard.

What is the process for removing, adding, or updating individuals once the Census Form is submitted to IAEE?

Use the IAEE Census Form/Change Form to make any changes to the membership representative roster.  You may update the information through the organization’s membership online dashboard. You may add as many individuals as necessary at no extra cost.

I was a member through my company membership and recently lost my job. Can I remain a member?

Please contact to request a provisional membership form. Certain conditions do apply.

What if my organization can be classified under both the Industry Member and Event Facility Member method of dues calculation?

Any organization that may be classified under either of the two categories may use either method of dues calculation.

Member Login & Benefits

How do I log in to the Members Only section of IAEE’s Web site?

To log in to the Members Only section of IAEE’s Web site, visit and locate the “member login” section at the top, right corner. Enter your user ID (e-mail address) and your password. After logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. If you have previously logged in and already changed your password, you will enter your user ID (e-mail address) and the password you selected. Passwords are case sensitive. You may also use your IAEE log in credentials to access the Center for Exhibition Industry Research Store, IAEE’s MemberLink, KnowledgeHub and Career Center.

How do I get more information about IAEE benefits?

IAEE hosts a New Member Orientation held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Please look at our calendar of events for more information.  You may also explore this page for some of our most frequently used benefits/resources:

Member Toolkit

Connect with Your Local Chapter


What chapter do I belong to?

A Chapter is assigned by your zip code / Country region you live in.  If your employer is in a different city, state, or country than you are, please go in and update your individual profile with the appropriate information, so you can be linked to the appropriate chapter or region.

How do I contact my local chapter?

Click here for a list of local IAEE chapters and contact information.

Can member representatives belong to more than one chapter? If so, how do I add additional chapters?

Yes.  Member representatives are automatically enrolled in their local chapter, based on the ZIP code/postal code of their membership record. If a member representative wishes to belong to an additional chapter, he/she may do so for an additional fee. Please contact to add chapters. Each additional chapter is $35 per individual. Click here for a list of IAEE chapters.

How do I find out who is in my local chapter? You may access IAEE’s online directories to get a full listing of all chapter members by searching by the chapter name.  This directory is a Members Only resource and is located under your Member Dashboard or by clicking here

Does it cost to join a chapter?

Each IAEE member receives membership in their local IAEE Chapter at no additional cost.

What if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact IAEE for additional information.  You may reach the Membership Team at +1(972) 458-8002, option 2, or via e-mail at