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Future Trends Report

In looking to the future of the exhibitions and events industry, the IAEE Board of Directors created a Future Trends Task Force made up of senior industry professionals and chaired by Francis J. Friedman. The focus of this task force is to look into the future and identify major trends that potentially could impact the industry.

Because the trends identified in these reports are starting to move into the mainstream of the industry, the reader is encouraged to review previous reports for more background on emerging trends. Many of the former trends identified in these previous reports are now more visible in the industry and are becoming part of the active annual planning of show management.

Fourteen future trends the task force believes will impact and shape the industry for the next few years were identified in the 2015 report. Some of the trends included are among the issues the task force has been discussing for the past three years and included in past reports. They are included in the 2016 report as well since they continue to evolve and change the future landscape of our industry.

2016 Future Trends Impacting the Exhibitions and Events Industry

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