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Meet the Speakers

Colette Carlson, CSP
Speak Your Truth, Inc.

Colette Carlson, with a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, a fascination with communication trends, and extensive experience in the personal development industry for over 20 years, is a human behavior expert and keynote speaker who inspires individuals to connect and communicate in real and relevant ways. How to create effective connections, and leverage them for greater success, is the thread woven into every one of Colette’s presentations.

In 2017, Colette was inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall Fame®, a lifetime award that honors professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence.

Her articles have been featured in Success, Business Management Daily, and Working Mother magazines. Clients include Boeing, Microsoft, Cisco, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Great Clips, Davidson Hotels, the United States Government.

Laugh out loud while you learn how to form and sustain connections that drive productivity, engagement and collaboration.

Session Title: Truths Female Leaders Need to Know

Want to be recognized, respected and rewarded in your career? Want to grow your leadership effectiveness? Now is the time to take an honest look, access and advance your leadership skills. Join Colette as she delivers the latest research and strategies specific to women in leadership. You will gain the self-awareness and success-skills necessary to become an authentic, credible and confident leader.


Tamara Ghandour
Innovator. Business Owner. Change Leader.

At the forefront of human-centered innovation, the impact of Tamara’s groundbreaking work can be seen in individuals and teams across the globe.

Bringing together over two decades of business experience, neuroscience, brain mechanics, and behavioral psychology, she created the first tools to truly make innovation tangible and accessible to all of us. Through her proprietary assessment, The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE), Tamara discovered the keys to unlocking individuals’ innovative minds to perform at their peak, create breakthrough outcomes, and have a stronger, more valued voice in the world.

From being part of the elite group of TED speakers to completing three Tough Mudders (and counting), her life is about helping others breaking through their status quo walls for game-changing results. When companies like Arrow, Disney, Ardent Mills, Schneider Electric and RICOH want to drive innovation across their people and business, they call Tamara.  She has run multi-million-dollar businesses and launched a few of her own, learning from her successes and, most importantly, her failures.

Featured in media across the globe including the TODAY SHOW, New York Times, Denver Business Journal, NBC 9News and more, she is the host of the top-rated innovation podcast, Inside LaunchStreet.  Her big crazy goal is to unleash one million innovators into the world.

Session Title: Innovation is Everybody’s Business: Unlocking Your Innovative Mind to Achieve Peak Performance

The most important skill required for success in today’s rapidly changing world is your ability to innovate, adapt and harness change. Yet, there is a big myth that being an innovator is something for the select few with natural-born talents and funky job titles, not for everyday people like you and me. Tamara’s break-through work in human-centered innovation has blown this myth out the door. By combining her 25 years of business experience with neuroscience, brain mechanics, and behavioral psychology, Tamara has made innovation tangible and accessible to all of us. Her proprietary assessment, The Innovation Quotient Edge, shows individuals the keys to unlock their innovative minds so they can perform at their peak, create breakthrough outcomes, and project a stronger, more valued voice in the world. In this highly interactive session, Tamara will show each person in the audience how to harness their greatest competitive advantage – their unique Everyday Innovator styles – to outmaneuver and outperform others in the high-pressure, cluttered landscape that’s become the norm.

  • Discover how to gain a competitive advantage through your unique innovation powers.
  • Understand how to leverage your Everyday Innovator style to be a stronger leader, regardless of your title.
  • Find out how to overcome your internal resistors to change.
  • Learn how to build a high-performing team of innovators.
  • Unlock the tools to build innovative solutions to your biggest challenges and seize opportunities in new and meaningful ways.
  • Acquire the easy-to-implement tools for igniting innovation in yourself and your team.


Ginger Johnson
Expert Connector, Author, Coach

Ginger Johnson is a serial business woman. Having started her first company in 2002, she’s been on a mission to change the world for some time now.

Ginger frequently works with established and emerging agencies and organizations using her extensive knowledge of human connectivity to evoke and instill positive change and a growth mindset in her audiences.

Ginger has quickly become a conference favorite. She is the author of ​Women Enjoying Beer: How to Market Beer to Women​ and also her book, Connectivity Canon: Why and How to Connect with People on Purpose with a Service Mindset​.   Ginger lives in Southern Oregon with her Fine Husband and their dog.

Session Title: Cultivating Connectivity, One Step at a Time

Connectivity is human to human, not technology. It’s also comfortable and done with confidence when done right. So, what are the skills and tactics for connecting with other people, in person, and on purpose? This lively session will cover strategy and tactics that actually create and develop meaningful relationships, for business and life all over the globe. When you’re tapped into what Connectivity is and what it can do for you and the world around us, one step at a time, you see that everything is possible. Attendees will leave the room with several signature methods and techniques for opening real interactions and conversations to put into action right away.


Dr. Romie Mushtaq, MD, ABIHM
Chief Wellness Officer
Evolution Hospitality

Dr. Romie, a triple board-certified physician, brings over 20 years of authority in neurology, integrative medicine, and mindfulness to her role as Chief Wellness Officer for Evolution Hospitality where she has implemented programs for over 7000 employees.

After undergoing life-saving surgery ten years ago, she traveled around the world, learning mindfulness-based techniques. Dr. Romie’s expertise is routinely featured in the national media, and on global stages for Fortune 500 corporations with athletes, and professional associations.  Dr. Romie, on a mission to transform the brain and mental health in the workplace, is bringing her innovative research based in neuroscience, integrative medicine, and mindfulness to teach the “brainSHIFT Protocol.”   Learn how to break your stress-success cycle and brainSHIFT to up-level your performance and leadership.

Session Title: brainSHIFT: Break Your Stress Success Cycle

Do you have difficulty focusing at work, shutting off your racing thoughts before bedtime? Are there too many browser windows open in your brain? How many productivity, leadership and time management courses and books have you consumed, yet only to fall back into your old habits? Join Dr. Romie as she brings together stories, science and actionable steps to break the stress-success cycle with the “brainSHIFT Protocol”. When you brainSHIFT, you become able to focus at work, lead with calm, and finally fall asleep.


Sherron Washington, M.A.
The P3 Solution

Sherron is the founder and CEO of The P3 Solution a full-service marketing and communication company. She has built her firm around the principle of “marketing simple,” which instructs clients to embrace simplified methods to promoting their business. She has imparted her marketing wisdom and expertise for nearly 20 years and has been deemed by many as “The Marketing Whisperer” due to her uncanny ability to assist clients in developing innovative, results-driven, yet simple solutions for their business. Sherron has written two books that teach businesses how to develop quick and effective marketing tactics.

As a speaker, trainer and professor, Sherron has an energetic style that captivates and educates simultaneously, sharing expert marketing insight in fun interactive sessions that engage the participants and enhance the learning experience. Sherron has presented at several conferences around the world including Inbound, Expo! Expo! and the International Baking Industry Expo, as well as for numerous IAEE chapters.

Sherron’s overall goal is to educate businesses on how to develop and execute better marcomm strategies that will help communicate and promote their brand effectively.

Panel Discussion

Offline Talks for Online Leadership

Unplugged. Unboxed. Unscripted.  Have more questions of your own? Want to dive deeper on a specific topic? Join our esteemed panel of industry leaders, as they share their stories and experiences in an open and sincere way.  Taking on additional audience questions, this session peels back the layers and offers a moment to get real and authentic!