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2023 Social Giving Project

Year after year, the women of IAEE continue to come together as a community with a commonly shared goal to give back to the local communities in or near our event city.

For 2023, we reached for the stars by supporting HER Resiliency Center as WLF attendees came together, along with our industry, to support their focus of Empowering Women and Changing Lives, in the Washington region. WLF attendees will also put together 125 care-packets onsite at the WLF event. To date, we raised over $1,580 and there’s still time to donate!

Empowering Women and Changing Lives!

HER is a survivor-led, peer-based organization, founded by President, Natasha Guynes , which serves vulnerable young women and teens with the support, skills and resources they need to make lifechanging positive decisions and thrive.

Statistics and first-hand experience at HER tell us the reality of the rampant issues of homelessness, early unplanned pregnancies, domestic violence, substance use, lack of medical care , trauma, sexual exploitation/trafficking and more.

At HER, these resilient women are provided with intensive and holistic treatment that utilizes a person-centered and trauma-informed approach with a specialized and intentional focus on the long-term empowerment of all women. At HER, voices are heard, and individuals are given the tools to access their own power, with a community of other women just like them ready to support.

VIDEO: This is what Resiliency Looks Like – HER Resiliency Center

Join IAEE in supporting this community of women and teen-aged girls. Through this organization, our donations and efforts will help transform the lives of those in need, empowering them through difficult times and recovery, creating economic stability and independence.

Every donation counts!

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