MATSO Council Governance

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2019 MATSO Council

Justine McVaney, Chairperson
SVP Event Planning & Operations
National Association of Broadcasters

Mark Bogdansky, Vice Chairperson
Senior Director, Meetings & Events
Auto Care Association

Kelly Kilga, CEM, Immediate Past Chairperson

Sacha Carey, CEM
Director Exhibition Sales & Operations
Water Environment Federation

John Catalano
Senior Director FABTECH
Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Lenay Gore
Senior Director – Meetings & Tradeshows
American Public Transportation Association

Tiffany Hale
Event Manager – Expo
National FFA Organization (Future Farmers of America)

Iain Mackenzie, CEM, CMP
VP, Meetings & Events
International Sign Association

Connie Mikels
Director, Expositions
National Automobile Dealers Association

Kevin Murphy, CEM
Director, CES Operations
Consumer Technology Association

John Rozum
Director, Ag Events & Show Director
Association of Equipment Manufacturers


IAEE Leadership Team

Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, CEM
Executive Vice President and COO

David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA
President and CEO

Terri Phillips, CEM, IAEE Staff Executive
Director, Board and Committee Administration

IAEE MATSO Council Charge

The IAEE MATSO Council is comprised of not-for-profit association and for-profit exhibition organizers whose shows are at least 200,000 NSF of exhibition space. The focus of the MATSO Council is on all functional aspects of major show production: marketing and sales, legislation, labor, international challenges, and operations.

The MATSO Council encourages conversations between members fitting the criteria as stated above. The IAEE MATSO Council will provide a forum to support in-depth problem solving in a competition-free environment based on a foundation of confidentiality and trust.
Goals of the IAEE MATSO Council include but are not limited to:

  • Providing a forum of support for in-depth conversation and problem-solving addressing major show challenges.
  • Developing best practices unique to major-scale exhibitions
  • Developing position statements on issues that impact major-scale exhibitions
  • Encouraging conversations via face-to-face meetings and on the Council’s private forum on IAEE MemberLink
  • Encouraging membership in IAEE, and hence in the MATSO Community made up of the MATSO Council and qualifying members
  • Encouraging all MATSO Community members meeting criteria to submit their show’s data to the CEIR Index

As is the case with other Councils and committees of IAEE, a staff liaison will be appointed to assist with administrative details, including coordinating with other IAEE departments:

  • Education/program development
  • Meeting operations and logistics
  • Marketing and communication (including promoting the value of the IAEE MATSO Council to both current and prospective IAEE members meeting the MATSO criteria)

The IAEE MATSO Council will abide by the IAEE Bylaws. Article IX outlines the Council’s authority, including electing a chair to serve on the IAEE Board of Directors. The chairperson of the Council will present reports to the IAEE board directors at its meetings. The Council will abide by the IAEE Antitrust Policy.