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Major American Trade Show Organizer Criteria

Organizers of not-for-profit and for-profit exhibitions with at least 200,000 NSF of exhibition space who are members of IAEE are MATSO members and are entitled to IAEE and MATSO benefits.

The following criteria determine MATSO eligibility:

  • Co-located Exhibitions and Events
    Qualify if total NSF equals at least 200,000 and the event participating in MATSO is at least 100,000 NSF of that 200,000.
  • Annual, Biennial, Triennial (and more) Exhibitions and Events
    Qualify as long as the minimum NSF of 200K is met.
  • Third-Party Event Services/Management Companies
    1. MATSO participation is for show organizers who are employees of associations or independent show management companies that own and operate an event that is 200K NSF or larger.
    2.  Additionally, third party independent show management companies hired by an association or company to manage their show operations may participate. Participation from these organizations is limited to staff who work on the operations side of the qualifying event, and they must agree to no solicitation of services. Solicitation may result in removal from future programs.
    3. Companies that are service providers to the industry are not eligible to participate in MATSO.

Membership in IAEE brings major trade show organizers:

  • Access to the influence and relationships that result from the coming together of leaders in the industry.
  • Access to professional growth through high-level meeting participation (Meetings are closed to members only, no vendors).
  • Access to the distinction that comes from being part of an exclusive group of like-minded professionals.
  • Access to critical knowledge not available from other sources.
  • Access to timely information that keeps you ahead of current trends.
  • Access to breaking news on first-tier cities and other major show issues.
  • Access to vanguard solutions for pressing industry challenges.

Specific MATSO Member Benefits

  • A forum for addressing the challenges of major trade shows (twice a year).
  • Best practices and position papers developed on topics unique to major exhibitions.
  • Communications, programming, meetings and advocacy targeted to IAEE’s major trade show members.