Community Engagement and Belonging Committee

Overview and Committee Charge

The Community Engagement and Belonging Committee plays a crucial role in establishing a strong connection between IAEE and its diverse member groups as well as the larger community it is dedicated to serving. The main goal is to create active community groups within the association as well as assess existing communities offered. These groups provide programming and enable our communities to foster innovation, adopt technological excellence, and exchange insights and experiences, all in pursuit of enriching IAEE’s mission.
IAEE Communities are created to nurture open, constructive communication and foster collaboration among the communities they represent.

Charge to the Committee in 2024

  • Support IAEE’s strategic plan initiatives
  • Continuously assess the impact of our current member-related initiatives and programs, with the aim of increasing member awareness, participation, and engagement.
  • Strategically plan and execute outreach efforts designed to engage a wide spectrum of community stakeholders.
  • Promote active involvement and engagement among our association’s communities and their members.
  • Serve as community ambassadors, extending IAEE’s influence in one or more of the association communities.
  • Collaborate closely with IAEE’s community members to develop innovative content ideas that resonate with IAEE’s audience, harnessing their unique perspectives and expertise.

Together, the committee will strive to create a thriving ecosystem where ideas flourish, best practices thrive, and shared experiences enrich the association’s journey, driving IAEE’s mission forward.

2024 Chairperson

Robyn Davis
Trade Show Trainer/Consultant
Exhibitors WINH LLC

Board Liaison

2024 IAEE Board Director

Chuck Grouzard
Executive Vice President, Business Development

Staff Lead

Lisa Buchanan
Senior Vice President of Operations