Strategic Planning and Management – Korea

aT Center Seoul, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

In order for organizations that plan, manage or own exhibitions and events to remain competitive, they must continually define and review their strategies. This includes measuring where an event falls within a particular market segment, developing plans to ensure business continuity, and positioning an exhibition or event for success.

Conference and Meeting Management – Korea

aT Center Seoul, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

While planning and managing exhibitions and meetings share some common aspects, competent planning and management of meetings requires special knowledge and skills. Exhibition managers may be called upon to work closely with their organization’s meeting and education manager and should be knowledgeable about the essential aspects of meetings in all of their various formats.

Exhibition and Event Sales- Virtual

Zoom , United States

In order to ensure the success of an event or exhibition, there are vital elements involved in the planning process that should be conducted from the ground up. No matter how successful or well respected an exhibition may be, it should be presented as if it were a first-time event – it is the marketing and selling equivalent of zero-based budgeting. This involves highlighting an event’s features and benefits, understanding the phases of the sales cycle and the need to support sales efforts with the appropriate tools and resources, and preparing the exhibition prospectus in a comprehensive and engaging way.

Attendee Acquisition Roundtable (AAR) – Chicago

McCormick Square Community Chicago, IL, United States

Attendee Acquisition Roundtable is a facilitated information-sharing experience for executives, managers, marketers, creative professionals, social media and digital specialists, list/Db managers, research managers, and content developers.