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Technologies Committee

The Technologies Committee will be comprised of technology domain experts and exhibition organizers who are thought leaders and who will provide regular insight and feedback on current and emerging technology trends that have the potential of disrupting the exhibitions and events industry. The outcome of this initiative will be an annual report with a collection of use cases showing how technology is currently impacting the industry and identifying trends for the industry, “Current and Future Technology Trends Affecting the Exhibitions and Events Industry.” Given the pace of technological advancement and adoption, any technology that is disruptive overseas will also cause disruption in the US in a matter of time, and vice versa, and therefore the committee will be globally focused.


Kapil Kher, CEM

Vice President of Information Technology


Board Liaison

Michelle Edmonson, CEM

Vice President, Exhibitions

AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology

Staff Liaisons

Lisa Buchanan

Vice President, Engagement and Digital Strategy