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IAEE continues to look for ways to increase educational offerings both at the international and local levels. As we continue to work with our chapters and chapter leaders, to provide resources and tools to apply to chapter management, we felt offering them one free program annual would help strengthen the amount of programs and events that our chapters could offer their membership. Through a generous sponsorship by Fern, IAEE and Fern will be offering IAEE Chapters a FREE educational program to include; a speaker, speaker travel, and speaker accommodations.

Choose from the speakers offered this year:

Shakira Brown
SMB Strategic Media LLC
Youtube Channel: Ask The PR Expert

Shakira M. Brown is an award-winning Professional Branding & Business Communication Speaker and former network television broadcast journalist. She is the CEO of SMB Strategic Media LLC (, a firm that helps businesses get to the heart of why the customers/clients buy their goods and service helping them clarify their message via strategic brand messaging. Her clients have included medium to large medical practices, professional services firms, insurance brokers, national associations, professional organizers, consumer brands, celebrities, personalities and Fortune 500 companies.

Shakira is also the lead marketing consultant for America’s Small Business Development Center at The College of New Jersey. She has won over 13 industry awards in various disciplines for her work. Shakira frequently shares her expertise at national conferences and corporate workshops and she is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. She shares her thought leadership with the media outlets such as American Express Open, Crain’s Chicago, PR Week, Brand Week, Institutional Investor, Smart Money and she is also a contributing writer for Black

Offered Sessions – please feel free to discuss any session ideas with the speaker directly

Reinvent you: Level Up Your Emotional Intelligence to Transform from Boss to Leader

Session Length: Up to 60 minutes (includes 10 min of Q&A)

In this presentation, award-winning Business Communication Strategist Shakira M. Brown will deliver valuable insights to help you make a better, more enduring impression and powerful connections as a leader of your team. Learn tactics to offer guidance and motivation, while displaying integrity and modeling the behaviors you want to see in your team. Brown will highlight influential-personal branding principles that can be leveraged broadly across your organization and external stakeholders to create effective advocates for you – the leader. Depart the presentation armed with the tips and the general information you need to enhance your skills and transform from a boss to a great leader.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Discover the differences between good and bad bosses and how those who hold management positions can develop into good leaders
  • Be able to speak in terms of the impact and influence that YOU Want to have in life and work
  • Comprehend how to use common sense and emotional intelligence in workplace dealings

Tactical Crisis Communications: Knowing What to Say and When to Say It

Session Length: Up to 60 minutes (includes 10 min of Q&A)

A crisis of any kind can threaten your organization’s brand image at a moment’s notice, requiring you to act faster than ever before to effectively communicate. And as social media decreases response time, it’s critical to send messages via the proper channels to reach internal and external stakeholders. Award-winning Business Communication Strategist, Shakira M. Brown, will share essential communication best practices to help instill trust and mitigate reputation damage at the onset of a crisis. Whether you’re looking to bolster your reputation or better respond to situations at any time without notice, you’ll learn the value in transparency and quick response. Plus, find out which crisis response tools to use and when to use them.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Establish protocols before crisis communication is necessary
  • Craft messages that display authenticity and foster trust
  • Employ video communication techniques to drive messages with empathy
  • Respond to any digital backlash, keeping in mind both internal and external audiences

Fostering Creative Thinking and Innovation

Session Length: Up to 60 minutes (includes 10 min of Q&A)

The ability to spark creative thinking and innovation is vital to the long- term success of any organization. Recognizing and honing your team’s creative potential must become priority to yield desired results. In this session, award-winning Business Communication Strategist, Shakira M. Brown, delves into the power of tapping into creativity to spark innovative thinking. She will explain how professionals at all levels can foster a creative and innovative work environment and share steps in the creative process that give ideas meaning. Participants will learn to establish a creative rhythm and confidence both in themselves and employees to help generate innovative ideas that produce solutions and improvements for internal and customer-facing challenges.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify the difference between creativity and innovation
  • Engage your workforce by using individual and group techniques to help generate innovative thinking
  • Recognize the difference between creativity and innovation and how together they can support reaching short- and long-term strategic goals

Optimize That Sales Funnel: Mastering Negotiation to Get More of What You Want!

Session Length: Up to 50 minutes (includes 10 min of Q&A)

Whether you’re working with a client/partner to secure a deal or seeking a new employment opportunity, negotiating is a fundamental fact of life. Unless you outright reject an inquiry, you will likely be on a trajectory that will include some negotiation. Any deal that you ultimately reach will be the result of numerous actions – and non-actions – along the way. Your initial moves and your mindset matter a great deal.

In this presentation, award-winning Business Communication Strategist, Shakira M. Brown, will share techniques for implementing conversational strategies to resolve the differences in understanding that often cause negotiations to break down. Participants will depart with a comfort level to negotiate in most situations to earn more as well as save time and money while gaining techniques to achieve success at any bargaining table.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand how often you negotiate and the benefits of honing negotiation skills
  • Reflect on personal behaviors and refine your approach to be more successful
  • Dig into the fundamental tension of creating and claiming value
  • Gain skill in developing alternatives and recognizing options

Influence and Persuasion for Sales Leaders Session Length

Session Length: up to 50 minutes (includes 10 min of Q&A)

As a sales pro, you are tasked with communicating during all stages of the sales cycle. Each of these stages require unique ways in which influence and persuasion can be used to get attain the result you want. Whether you are selling goods and services to meeting planners or tasked with securing sponsorships dollars, it is essential for everyone to communicate as clearly as possible – especially with decision makers. Failure to properly communicate during crucial stages of the sales cycle may lead to a lackluster revenue stream and missing your annual goals.

During this presentation, Award-Winning Branding and Communication Strategist, Shakira M. Brown, will outline proven strategies for the variety of communication challenges meetings, events and exhibition sales pros face. Participants will learn powerful methods to influence and persuade to take their work plans to new heights. Plus, Brown will examine communication techniques that can be used with clients/prospects to strengthen relationships and to breakthrough to utterly resistant prospects.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand how to leverage influential and persuasive communication for new business conversations, networking, prospecting and closing
  • Proactively communicate including different methods of asking the right questions for maximum success
  • Use techniques for removing nonverbal barriers to communication (that you likely didn’t even know were there!)

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Paige Cardwell
President and Founder
CSG Creative

Paige Cardwell has marketed, promoted, produced and launched successful trade shows for more than 25 years. Whether attracting 300 people or more than 100,000, Paige’s unique blend of strategic initiatives and creative savvy offers each client insightful and smart solutions to marketing and branding challenges intended to grow audiences and increase revenue. As president of CSG Creative, Paige offers decades of insights and best practices and oversees the marketing, strategy and branding initiatives for all CSG clients. Her talented team’s work has amassed more than 25 Art of the Show awards in just the last two years including Best of Show in 2020.

Paige has been a popular speaker at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! and local DC Chapter events, the Society of Independent Show Organizer’s Executive Conference, ASAE’s Marketing and Membership Conference, and was one of the original members of the Advocacy Task Force, now known as Exhibitions Mean Business. She holds a BA in Communications from the Annenberg School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

Hybrid or Hot Mess? How To Effectively Market Your Live and Virtual Experience To Maximize Engagement and Conversions

As live events come back to life, the virtual experience will be a necessary component for the foreseeable future.  So how do you market two experiences?  How do you optimize the reach of a virtual event while promoting the return of your in-person experience?  How do you allocate resources and adapt messaging? Do you need two campaigns or one? What about timing? This session will explore 5 strategies to effectively market hybrid programs and what each organizer needs to consider before promoting their events.

Think About This: Is Your Brand Still Relevant in a Post-COVID World?

The pandemic has forced associations and show organizers to shift strategies, platforms, experiences, and messaging faster and more comprehensively than ever before.  It’s been a test of will and time of opportunity to engage members and other audiences in new and different ways. As we emerge from the pandemic, it’s time to think about which of these changes will stay, what will go, and whether your brand promise is still relevant as we look to the future.  This session will explore ways to evaluate your brand to determine whether now is the time to take a fresh approach as well as examine the steps involved to refresh or reimagine your brand to ensure success in the future.

If a Picture Says a Thousand Words, Video Says a Million: How To Effectively Leverage Virtual Event Content and Other Video To Drive Audience Engagement and Acquisition

The explosion of video content has made it an essential part of any effective show marketing and branding initiative as well as attendee and exhibitor engagement strategy. With virtual events’ ability to capture so much content, organizers have more opportunity than ever to leverage that content to share the event experience and caliber of its programming. Explore how to effectively leverage video content to elevate your brand, drive engagement on social platforms, optimize for SEO, 365 promotional strategies, and learn what types of content you should be sharing and why.

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Bob Chain
Account Manager

Bob is a skilled experiential marketing professional and event producer with expertise in live and virtual channels. As a Strategic Account Manager at Swapcard today and previously as a leader at Freeman, Bob focuses on strategy to develop multi-year events for association and corporate clients and transforms attendee experiences to drive business results. Prior to focusing on association-based event management, Bob spent years supporting individual corporations such as Nike, Dell and Outcome Health in developing and executing experiential marketing activations for target customers. Bob graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign with a B.S. in Sports Management. In 2020, he launched @R_C_Squared an audience-driven weekly podcast focused on experiential marketing, live events, and lifestyle elements. The mission is to highlight topics selected by the community and provide pertinent information/insights.

Building a Personal Brand: a Journey To Increase Your Circle of Influence

Pulling from his personal experience founding R_C_Squared, an experiential marketing podcast, as well as his time in business development, Bob Chain details his journey to developing a personal brand from the ground up in a six-month period. This session will explore learnings including how to avoid being late to the game, being efficient in your development, strategies to expand your circle of influence and ways to expedite growth.

Driving Digital Revenue: How Virtual Experiences Relate to Digital Advertising

We will need to adjust our mentality from potentially unrealistic “event” objectives like interactions or direct engagement to an evolution aimed for “content” objectives like minutes watched, reusability and impressions made in a digital format. Organizers can now become threats to digital ad providers.

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Robyn Davis, CPTD
Trade Show Strategy Specialist
Exhibitors WINH LLC
(614) 657-7412

Award-winning exhibitor trainer, Robyn Davis, CPTD has earned the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) certification and Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. She is a new board member of the IAEE Southeastern Chapter and an active member of IAEE’s national Advocacy Committee.

Robyn has presented educational sessions at industry events like ExhibitorLive, IMEX America, and Expo! Expo! and written articles for industry publications like the CEIR blog, Exhibitor Magazine, and TSNN. Through her company, Exhibitors WINH LLC, she is a CMP Preferred Provider (which means some of the classes Robyn teaches are pre-approved for CMP CE credits).

Robyn’s company, Exhibitors WINH LLC provides strategic training and consulting services to exhibitors through their event organizers. Robyn partners directly with shows like RSNA, the Offshore Technology Conference, AAPEX, and the SHOT Show to improve exhibitor engagement, satisfaction/results, and retention through custom exhibitor success programs and EAC facilitation services.
For more information, please visit or request to connect with Robyn on LinkedIn.

How to Support Every Single Exhibitor & Sponsor Effectively

Every single exhibitor and sponsor deserves your support – in this session, you will:

  • Identify 8+ categories of exhibitors and sponsors who each need your help in their own ways
  • List 7 types of help your exhibitors and sponsors need, plus 3 levels of service you should consider providing
  • Outline a simple 3-step action plan to immediately implement what you’ve learned (to better support all of your exhibitors and sponsors moving forward)

** Want a more collaborative session with extra examples and interaction? Choose just 1-2 topics above to focus on with your chapter.

Working with Exhibitors in a Virtual World

Exhibitors are struggling to find value in virtual/hybrid events, but you can help – in this session, you will:

  • List examples and ideas to help your exhibitors overcome five of the biggest challenges they face when exhibiting online
  • Identify three important steps to improving your exhibitor interactions/relationships and, ultimately, achieve your goals to increase their engagement, satisfaction, and retention
  • Address your most pressing concerns and questions, with data from relevant studies and real-life examples

** Want a more collaborative session with extra examples and interaction? Choose just 1-2 topics above to focus on with your chapter.

Every Event Professional can be an Effective Advocate – Especially You!

Now more than ever, our industry needs your help – in this session, you will:

  • Discuss the importance and value of choosing to become an advocate
  • Identify the top two ways you can help our industry today and every day
  • Demonstrate how to be an advocate (outlining a super simple five-step plan and practicing advocacy with a quick and easy activity)

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Meg Fasy

Meg has worked for (or with) some of the biggest brands you know. Her career spans several markets including hotel, CVB, industry associations, event technology and strategic partnerships, where she has been both a buyer and seller. Meg is best known for motivating sales and marketing teams, driving strategy and connecting people. She started FazeFWD, a sponsorship management company, because she saw the need to elevate the conversations between organizers and brand partners for the mutual goal of increasing attendee engagement.

Meg is a well-known speaker who has been a featured expert in all the major meeting and event industry publications, including MPI’s The Meeting Professional and PCMA’s Convene. When she’s not focused on creating the next big thing in the meeting and event industry, you’ll often find Meg on the water as a world champion dragon boater—she was a member of the gold medal-winning team at the International Dragon Boat Championships in Italy in 2016 and Hungary in 2018.


The Dollars & Sense of Sponsorships

Learner Outcomes

Attendees will walk away with a strong basic understanding of how to build their sponsorship strategy:

  • Create Realistic Goals
  • Prospectus Development
  • Building Strong Ecosystem

Building Your Sponsorship Strategy

Attendees will learn how to look at their sponsors, prospectus, expo as part of their event strategy, not just revenue drivers.

Learner Outcomes

  • How to build a 3-year sponsorship strategy
  • How the right strategy will impact your entire meeting
  • Learn how to incorporate the examples and opportunities that will be shared in the session

Sponsorship Trends

Attendees will learn what is new in the world of sponsorships.

Learner Outcomes

  • How and when to incorporate new ideas
  • How to build a strong sponsor eco-system
  • Learn what’s next

Digital Sponsorship Possibilities

When we return to an in-person event landscape, incorporating some sort of digital experience will be commonplace, if not mandatory. Learn best practices and innovative ideas on how to maximize your sponsorship dollars to deliver an amazing event.

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn how to build a strategy to monetize your digital events
  • Understand opportunities and pitfalls
  • Discover new paths monetization

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Jenni Hesterman (Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired)
Vice President, Business Resiliency
Watermark Rick Management International

Dr. Jennifer Hesterman is a retired Air Force colonel who served in three Pentagon tours and commanded in the field multiple times. Her last assignment was Vice Commander at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, where she led installation security, force support, and the 1st Helicopter Squadron, and regularly escorted the President and other heads of State on the ramp. She is the recipient of the Legion of Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal with 5 oak leaf clusters and the Global War on Terrorism Service medal.

After her military retirement in 2007, Dr. Hesterman started working as a private contractor in Washington, DC studying international and domestic terrorist organizations, transnational threats, organized crime and the terrorist and criminal exploitation of the Internet. She is presently Vice President, Watermark Risk Management International, is on the Board of Directors for the International Foundation for Protection Officers and advises the Homeland Security Training Institute at the College of DuPage in Chicago. In addition to providing soft target security assessments, she designs and instructs graduate-level security courses for the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, Department of Defense.

She holds a doctoral degree from Benedictine University, Master of Science degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Air University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. In 2003, she was a National Defense Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C. where she studied the terror-crime nexus; her resulting book, Transnational Crime and the Criminal-Terrorist Nexus, won the Air Force Research Award for 2004. She is a 2006 alumnus of the Harvard Senior Executive Fellows program and was a senior fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University from 2016-2018.

An academic author for the Taylor & Francis Group, Dr. Hesterman’s book Soft Target Hardening: Protecting People from Attack was the ASIS Security Industry Book of the Year for 2015. The second edition received the same honors in 2019 and was the Social Sciences Book of the Year for Taylor & Francis. She also authored Soft Target Crisis Management (2016) and The Terrorist-Criminal Nexus (2013).

Dr. Hesterman is a sought-after public speaker, with over 60 keynote, guest speaking and training events in the U.S. and abroad since 2007 for ASIS, FBI, DHS, DoD, state and local law enforcement, Fortune 100 companies and Major League Baseball.


Securing Public Spaces: A Practical Exercise

Attendees will arrive with a specific venue, public space or mass gathering in mind. After a brief overview of soft targets and current threats, presenter will introduce a scored assessment following the same format used by law enforcement to help organizations determine vulnerability to acts of terrorism or other incidences of violence. Lessons learned from recent attacks, red teaming events and other tactical and operational information will be interwoven into the session to add context. Participants will leave with an understanding of how to conduct a soft target vulnerability assessment, a scored instrument for their venue or event, and unique ideas for hardening soft targets and reducing vulnerability to terrorist and criminal attacks. This was one of the top-rated sessions at IAEE Expo! Expo! in 2019.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate how to conduct a thorough and accurate vulnerability assessment
  • Understand how to use a completed vulnerability assessment to prepare a plan for protecting a crowded public space
  • Comprehend how emergent threats and recent attacks impact vulnerability assessments and ongoing hardening activities

Women in Leadership:  Achieving Balance and Professional Success

Women have a unique set of challenges, whether working in male-oriented workplaces or C-Suite positions – yet they can be extraordinarily successful!  In order to achieve our greatest potential, we must seek to understand what drives us towards leadership roles, develop a compass, prioritize our time, and make life and work decisions around what is most important.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify obstacles and barriers women experience while striving to achieve balance and success
  • More effectively set personal and professional goals, and better manage time and resources
  • Better understand the power of mentoring, specifically the challenges and benefits of cross-gender mentoring relationships

Who should attend: Everyone! Female leaders, as well as men who supervise, work for or work with them.

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Ginger Johnson
Expert Connector, Author, Coach


Ginger Johnson is a serial businesswoman. Having started her first company in 2002, she’s been on a mission to change the world for some time now.

Ginger frequently works with established and emerging agencies and organizations using her extensive knowledge of human connectivity to evoke and instill positive change and a growth mindset in her audiences.

Ginger has quickly become a conference favorite. She is the author of ​Women Enjoying Beer: How to Market Beer to Women​ and also her book, Connectivity Canon: Why and How to Connect with People on Purpose with a Service Mindset​.   Ginger lives in Southern Oregon with her Fine Husband and their dog.

Ginger’s teaching is based on the foundation of human connection. Every class holds its own curriculum customization, partially based on the input of the audience guests – whereby they’re requested to reply to 1 – 3 primary questions in advance of the session, to guide specifics to fit the groups.


  • Life: Powered by Connection
  • The Dinner Party Experience: Connection At The Table
  • Marketing, Communication & Sales: Powered By Connection
  • Building Authentic Connections: Team, Members & Sponsors

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Jennifer Kerhin, CEM, MBA
Sponsorship Boost

Jennifer Kerhin, President of Sponsorship Boost LLC, has more than 20 years of experience working with association tradeshows and business development functions. Jennifer has a certification of exhibition management (CEM), a MBA from the Johns Hopkins University and substantial executive level association experience. She founded Sponsorship Boost to support the mission of associations by increasing their non dues revenue through exhibits and sponsorships. Sponsorship Boost helps associations create non-dues-based revenue through exhibits, sponsorships, advertising and corporate partnerships. With their core strength of trade show management, Sponsorship Boost helps associations create non-dues-based revenue and corporate partnerships.


6 Steps to Create a Virtual Prospectus

Learn how to create an exhibitor and sponsorship prospectus for your virtual event in 6 easy steps! Virtual expos offer a completely different type of return on investment for exhibitors and sponsors. This session will teach you how to craft the ROI for a virtual expo, decide which live expo sponsorships can still work in a virtual environment and how to create new opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Define the main elements of a virtual prospectus;
  • Identify what steps are needed to create the prospectus;
  • Utilize the template to create your virtual prospectus.


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Kate Patay
Chief Strategy Officer | Patay Consulting
Chairwoman | SEARCH Foundation
Ambassador | Meetings Mean Business

Kate Patay, CPCE, is the Chief Strategy Officer of Patay Consulting, a firm designed to help businesses and individuals discover and amplify their authentic brand and image. She is an international speaker, brand strategist, image consultant, industry influencer, SEARCH Foundation Chairwoman and Ambassador for the Meetings Mean Business Coalition and AllSeated.

Kate has been a recognized industry professional and sought after thought leader for over 20 years in many facets of special events, and has served on and advised the boards of numerous associations and organizations. She currently speaks for and coaches some of the top leaders and companies in the hospitality industry and beyond, while mentoring countless individuals, inspiring upcoming leaders and advocating for numerous charitable causes.

2020 has brought Kate recognition as a Top Changemaker from MeetingsNet and Top 99 Keynote Speaker Globally by Hubilo, as well as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Global Events. She is in the Smart Meetings Hall of Fame and was honored with the coveted Pacesetter Award from the Events Industry Council.


Critical Leadership

Whether leading a team remotely, solopreneuring, building client relationships or managing volunteer’s success comes down to one key factor: communication. In this session we’ll discuss and answer your questions on properly marketing yourself and your company in this new climate, as well as keeping both clients & staff engaged, and how to set yourself up for success on the other side of the crisis.

Defining & Communicating Your Brand

Every employee in an organization is key to having a strong brand, and should be recognized as a salesperson, regardless of their actual title. They represent YOU. This session will help you identify your brand voice and how to properly communicate it through all channels, while creating a culture of sales within your team.

Learner Outcomes

  • Identify your unique brand voice
  • Create a culture of sales
  • Effectively communicate your brand
  • How to properly present yourself in any setting

Influencing the Influencers

Disruption breeds change. Learn how to lead the charge in innovation to your strategy and leverage trusted relationships within niche markets to grow your presence with engaged, reputable micro-influencers.

The tried and true strategies of influencer marketing, brand ambassadors and niche markets are no longer going to get you where you need to be. Tips on ways to set your market and our industry apart will be covered, as well as ideas for finding the right person to match the strategies covered.

Survive & Thrive

The current climate has caused many of us to really examine what we do, what’s meaningful to us, and how we continue to grow business in an unstable economy. 2001 and 2008 were warm-ups for 2020. Physically separated from our teams and clients, it is essential to adapt to this new reality.

In this session, you’ll learn tips for staying productive, healthy & setting boundaries, as well as not getting into a funk (or snapping out of it), and scheduling yourself to make the most of the time.

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Dawn Rasmussen, CMP
Chief Résumé Designer
Pathfinder Writing and Career Services

Dawn Rasmussen, a certified résumé writer, is the president of Portland, Ore.-based Pathfinder Writing and Career Services and author of “Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability” which is the first-ever book that provides a complete roadmap on how manage your career.

Instead of continuing this speaker introduction with a long, boring list of career accolades or high-profile media outlets where she has been featured, I am going to share with you the one thing that makes Dawn “tick”: a relentless and tireless desire to help everyone understand the importance of actively managing their career every minute of every day.

So, if Dawn makes you uncomfortable during today’s presentation, that’s great! That tells her that she has pushed your envelope (in a good way) and helped make you think, and means that this is the first step in the journey where you to begin to actively manage your career destiny.

When she isn’t busy working with résumé clients, speaking to conference groups internationally and nationally, writing articles/blogs, or teaching, Dawn is hiking in Oregon’s spectacular outdoors, kayaking, or plotting her next adventure.


Be Your Own Superhero

So now you have a great job and are doing it well. But this is the perfect time to take it to the next level and be the superhero of your career! This session is to help you learn to do your work better, help others, boost your internal leadership profile, and help the organization, as a whole, evolve.  Career management strategist, Dawn Rasmussen, CMP, will provide easily relatable but highly actionable steps to take to make a difference in the workplace and your career, while striving for excellence. And that’s what superheroes are made of – they take the power of the past and leverage it into being a force of the future!

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn to activate your critical thinking skills to identify opportunities where others don’t.
  • Define specific actions you can take to supercharge your workplace contributions.
  • Learn about the different career phases and shape how you react to reaching those stages, adjusting your superhero tactics.

Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile: Ignite Opportunities

LinkedIn is THE tool or business networking! Are you using it to its fullest? Learn how to position yourself to attract business opportunities, find potential business partners, research business intelligence, and yes, even attract job opportunities. LinkedIn writer Dawn Rasmussen, CMP, will provide step-by-step instructions on how you can get the most out of this important networking platform to showcase your strengths and use this tool to its fullest potential.

Learner Outcomes

  • Find out how to position yourself using specific language that catches people’s attention.
  • Discover ways to attract people and potential customers your profile and set the tone of what they learn about you.
  • Understand how conduct helpful and insightful research using the power of all the data stored in LinkedIn.

Learning from the Past to Shape the Future

Whether we make mistakes or look back in the rearview mirror to see things that we could have done better, reviewing what we have done in the past are powerful learning tools for helping us continually evolve our careers and our skill sets. Career management coach Dawn Rasmussen, CMP will guide attendees through an important voyage of self-discovery to find out ways we can continuously improve our knowledge, skills, and abilities as we aim to become the best at what we do.

Learner Outcomes

  • Learn how to conduct a powerful review of key learning moments.
  • Find out how to take those findings and use that as a decisive career roadmap with definitive action steps
  • Tackle the difficult conversation of when we have failed and how to transform that into a positive outcome.

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Sherron Washington
Founder and CEO
The P3 Solution

In addition to being an author, speaker, trainer, and social media contributor, Sherron Washington is the founder and CEO of The P3 Solution, a full-service marketing and communication firm that specializes in providing simple strategy, design and social media marketing solutions for SME’s, associations and entrepreneurs. She has built her firm around the principle of “marketing simple,” which instructs clients to embrace simplified methods to promoting themselves and their business. She has imparted her marketing wisdom and expertise for nearly 20 years and has been deemed by many as “The Marketing Whisperer” due to her uncanny ability to assist clients in developing innovative, results-driven, yet simple solutions for their business. Sherron holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Communication from Trinity University in Washington, D.C.


The Blueprint to Regaining Your Sanity: Bite Sized Goal Setting

This session is designed to help overcome those barriers by providing tools and techniques that ease anxiety, motivate action and manage time effectively.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand how to organize goals efficiently and succinctly.
  • Learn how to create manageable, bite-sized action plans.
  • Obtain best practices on how to locate resources to assist with reaching goals.

WOW Factor Influence: Amplifying Your Communication to Lead Successfully 

This session is designed to help individuals maximize their communication to become a more influential leader that helps in shaping and transforming their organization

Learner Outcomes:

  • Learn how to develop a WOW mindset to influence action
  • Uncover how to amplify your communication genius in the workplace
  • Discover your communication style to enhance, build and foster your professional connections.

Marketing Simplified: The 15-Minute Marketing Plan

The age of creating a multi-page, complexed plan that is rarely used or abandoned is over. Marketing should never be that complicated or time-consuming. Developing a simple marketing plan is critical to business success and gaining the skill to craft and implement quick, creative and compelling promotional strategies is the key to positively impacting position and the bottom line. This interactive session teaches you to maximize marketing efforts quickly and effectively using a streamlined, one-page marketing plan.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Distinguish between marketing, sales and public relations
  • Obtain an effective process to building a one-page marketing plan
  • Explore various methods on how to implement the plan


Unmasking and Managing Bias in the Workplace

This training is designed to help employees develop the necessary competencies that are required for effective interpersonal and small group interactions.  Participants will learn how to accurately respond to various situations to help build connectivity and maintain efficient communication. They will also learn various communication techniques for face-to face, online, and written exchanges that will provide tactics that teach engaging and open communication styles that lead to more positive outcomes within the workplace.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify and discuss the origin of personal biases
  • Gain positive responsive online, face-to-face and written communication tactics
  • Gain best practices on how to manage biases in order to communicate effectively

Your Response Matters: How to Become an Effective Communicator in Conflict

This training is designed to teach basic principles involving how to understand, manage and avert conflict. This interactive session will help participants to discover how to combat initiators such as: poor communication and bias, that thwarts responding to conflicts internally and externally within an organization.

  • Identify Different Conflict Styles
  • Navigate Through Conflict
  • Respond Quickly to Conflict Effectively

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