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Past Chairpersons’ Advisory Group

The purpose of the council is to offer Past Chairpersons of IAEE the opportunity to participate as an advisory group for consideration of subjects on which he or she is asked to advise. It is IAEE’s position that the legacy the Past Chairpersons provide through their thought leadership, expertise and historical perspective are invaluable to the future of the association.

2024 Chairperson

Randy Bauler, MBA, CEM
Corporate Relations and Exhibits Director
American Association of Critical-Care Nurse

Staff Lead

Cathy Breden, CMP-F CAE, CEM
Interim CEO, EVP & COO


Ex-officio Representative

Chris Meyer, CEM, CMP
Vice President of Global Business Sales
Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority



Staff Liaisons

David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA