Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elevate and how does it work?

IAEE administers all on-demand CEM Learning Program courses and all exams through Elevate, IAEE’s Learning Management System (LMS). Go to to access Elevate. Candidates should contact if they have trouble logging in.

Candidates receive immediate access to the course and can complete it on their own time. They have access to the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the course is completed, they receive access to take the exam. No proctor is needed.

If the candidate does not complete the exam within 90 days, IAEE will enter a score of zero into the candidate’s record. In order to take the exam after the 90-day time period, the candidate will be required pay a $25.00 administrative retake fee. The candidate will then have 30 days to complete the exam. If the candidate fails the exam or misses the exam during the thirty-day period, the candidate will be required to retake the course and the exam at full cost in order to receive credit for the course.

If a CEM candidate fails an exam, they have one year from the date of the failed exam to retake the exam. If they immediately retake the exam, the retake fee of $25.00 USD is waived. If the candidate fails the retake exam, they will be required to register for the course again to be eligible to take the exam again. The candidate may select another CEM course instead of retaking the failed course.

Upon completion of all requirements for the CEM Learning Program, candidates will receive a letter from the CEM Commission permitting the use of the CEM designation typically within one to three business days.

There is no deadline. A candidate could potentially take their last class and exam just before Expo! Expo! and still participate in the CEM awards ceremony. Candidates who expect to complete their designation after 1 September will be asked to complete a survey on their participation in the CEM awards ceremony. Surveys will be sent out the beginning of September. They may also email to notify the CEM Program Manager.