CEM Faculty

The three most important ingredients in the successful conduct of the CEM Learning Program are relevant curriculum, willing participants and excellent faculty. Of these three, none is more important than that of excellent faculty. In the history of the CEM Learning Program, it has been the faculty who has the unique responsibility of bringing the curriculum and students together so the learning, and thus action, can take place. We take great pride in the individuals who have unselfishly committed themselves to this endeavor.

With over 50 faculty members, the CEM Learning Program currently has more than 350 candidates earning the CEM designation. The CEM faculty demonstrate their commitment and dedication to excellence and continuing education in the exhibitions and events industry by their willingness to serve as faculty and commit their precious time to the program.

CEM Faculty Bios

CEM Faculty Candidates

IAEE is seeking interested members who wish to share their knowledge and experience in the exhibitions and events industry to serve as faculty for both on-location and online CEM Learning Program courses. IAEE welcomes applications from candidates who can relate their knowledge in one or more of the CEM Learning Program modules in a meaningful way to CEM participants. IAEE will accept applications from IAEE members who:

  • Maintain the CEM designation
  • Have at least 10 years of experience in specific CEM content areas
  • Have solid background and expertise in specific CEM content areas based on resume
  • Can show teaching or presentation experience by providing official evaluation scores from event
  • Submit video on why candidate wants to become CEM faculty
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I can categorically say that the instructors chosen for the IAEE CEM Program are top-notch for every class they teach.

- Sara Whitney, CEM

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Are you interested in becoming a CEM Faculty Member?

You MUST review the CEM Faculty Requirements.

Once you have read through the CEM Faculty requirements, please apply by clicking the button below. Email cem@iaee.com for more information.

Looking for the Faculty Resource Center?

To access the CEM and Licensee Resource Center in KnowledgeHub (formerly Elevate):

  • Go to IAEE Learning: Home and click on the Log In” button on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Enter your email for your user name and your firstname+lastname for your password (unless you changed it). For example, Joe Smith’s password would be “joesmith”
  • Under the Education Center, click on My Learning and then find the “course” that says CEM Faculty and Licensee Resource Center.
  • There are several tabs available to meet what you are looking for – Course Materials which contains the workbook and PowerPoint for each course; resources for teaching such as Teaching Tips/Articles and Teaching Virtually, etc.

If you need assistance, contact Jennifer Potter at cem@iaee.com.