CEM Fellows Program

CEM Fellows Program


The CEM Fellows program is an honorary recognition program for those in the exhibitions and events industry at the pinnacle of their careers. They have reached a significant level of responsibility, have been identified as a leader, and have shown a continued service through education and volunteerism. IAEE CEM Fellows represent a community of mentors, teachers and thought leaders.

  • May be nominated or self-nominate.
  • Must be a CEM or CEM-AP in good standing.
  • Must have at least 15 years of professional experience in the exhibitions and events industry.
  • Must demonstrate leadership commitment and a continued service to the exhibitions and events industry.
CEM Fellow Certification Badge

Nomination and Selection Process

  • CEM Fellows can be nominated or apply throughout the year, with a dedicated selection period in August.
  • CEM Fellows will be recognized in conjunction with the CEM and CEM-AP Graduation Ceremony that takes place during Expo! Expo! – IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition that is typically held in December.

The individual will be contacted to let them know they have been nominated and what steps they need to complete their application, including payment.

CEM Designation

$ 375 IAEE Member
  • IAEE Non-Member: $500

CEM-AP Designation

$ 250 IAEE Member
  • IAEE Non-Member: $500

Application Requirements

  • Applicants/Nominees must provide a CV or resume highlighting service and involvement within the exhibitions and events industry. It should be a maximum of three pages, with heavy focus on volunteer and leadership service.
  • Applicants/Nominees must respond to three question prompts provided by the CEM Fellows Review Committee. The CEM Fellows Review Committee is made up of members of the CEM Commission.
  • Applicants/Nominees must provide a minimum of two, but no more than five, professional references to support their application/nomination.
  • A screening interview conducted by the CEM Fellows Review Committee will be a critical component of the selection process, ensuring a thorough evaluation of each candidate’s contributions and suitability for the honor.
  • Applications/Nominees must submit the appropriate fee based on their status:

Benefits for CEM Fellows

  • Recognition on the IAEE website, highlighting their achievements and contributions.
  • A special CEM Fellows Pin and Certificate, symbolizing their distinguished status.
  • Discounted registration for select IAEE events including Expo! Expo! – IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition. This encourages continued engagement and leadership within the community.
  • A Meet-Up at Expo! Expo! – IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition, to be held with others in the CEM community (CEMs and CEM-APs) as well as first-timers. This allows the CEM community and first timers to gather, network and engage with each other.
  • An exclusive CEM Fellows event, TBD, designed specifically for CEM Fellows to gather, network, and engage in strategic discussions about the industry at large. This gathering will serve as a platform for CEM Fellows to share insights and foster collaboration.