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Welcome to the Chapter Speaker Series Topics and Bios page. Topics are listed first and underneath you will find links to all speaker bios.

IAEE’s Chapter Speaker Series List of Topics for 2023

Building Business Relationships / Customer Service

  • Building Authentic Relationships on LinkedIn (Bill McCormick)
  • Building Value in Business Relationships: Networking in the Next Normal (Sherron Washington, M.A.)
  • Build Relationships with Your Ideal Buyers (Ed Wallace)
  • Create Competitor-Proof Relationships (Ed Wallace)
  • Optimizing the Customer Experience (CX) in the Next Normal (Sherron Washington, M.A.)
  • The Trust Formula Presentation (Bill McCormick)


  • Advancing Your Impact: Communicating Value Beyond Social Norms (Sherron Washington, M.A.)
  • Community Marketing: How to Grow Engagement (Bill McGlade, CEM)
  • Content Marketing: Why It’s the Now and Future and How to Effectively Implement (Bill McGlade, CEM)
  • Speaking To Connect: Have Fun Speaking with Any Audience (Ginger Johnson)
  • Stay Relevant! Foster Creativity and Innovation to Thrive, Grow & Keep Pace with Change (Shakira Brown)
  • Step Up, Speak Up & Show Up (Debbie Peterson)
  • ZYX’s of Connecting (Ginger Johnson)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • At The Table: How Connection Makes Us Better People (Ginger Johnson)
  • Lead More Artfully: Communicate Like You Give a $*#T (Shakira Brown)
  • Lead Yourself First: Authentic Leadership for Women in Business (Debbie Peterson)
  • Play Like a Woman (Meg Fasy)
  • Women in the Workplace: How to Achieve Balance and Remove Barriers to Success (Dr. Jennifer Hesterman Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired)
  • Your Identity Matters: Communicating Inclusivity to Create Value (Sherron Washington, M.A.)


  • Attendee Acquisition: What’s Working to Drive Attendance in Today’s New Marketing Reality (Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes, CEM)
  • Customize Your Show: Bye-Bye 1990s (Facilitated in roundtable by Kara Dao, CEM)
  • Event Design for Engagement (Facilitated in roundtable discussions by Kara Dao, CEM)
  • Event Marketing That Works (Bill McGlade, CEM)
  • How to Enhance Your Exhibitor Communications with Video (Robyn Davis, CPTD)
  • Peer-to-Peer Brainstorming: How to Improve Your Event-Related Productivity (Robyn Davis, CPTD)
  • The Importance of Data to Demonstrate the Value of Meetings (Kyle Jordan, Ed.M, MS, CAE, CEM-AP, CMP, DES, CMM)
  • Using ROI Methodology to Show Your Event Is Worth Every Penny (Gretchen Thielen, CMP, CEM)


  • Advocacy in Action – The Path to Effective Advocacy (Julie Pazina, CEM-AP)
  • Communicating with Clarity: Showing Up as Your BEST Self for Clients, Customers & Co-Workers (Debbie Peterson)
  • Connection = Communication: The Language of Leadership (Ginger Johnson)
  • Eight Traits of a Selfless Leader: How Many People Have a Degree in Leadership? (Bob Pacanovsky)
  • Empathy and Leadership: Key Aspects of Workplace Mental Health© (Megan Bearce, LMFT)
  • Every Event Professional Can Be An Effective Advocate – Especially You! (Robyn Davis, CPTD)
  • Fostering Relationships with Difficult People (Facilitated in roundtables by Kara Dao, CEM)
  • Living Your Core Values: Leading with Integrity to Inspire Loyalty and Build Trust (Shakira Brown)
  • The Elite Executive: Successful Communication Tactics for Managers (Sherron Washington, M.A.)


  • Burnout is not a Dirty Word (Rachelle Stone, PCC, CQPC)
  • Developing dynamic and collaborative teams = get the right butts in the right seats (Facilitated in roundtables by Kara Dao, CEM)
  • Let’s Change How Your Team Adapts to Change (Glenn Anderson)
  • Seven Ways to Save Your Sanity and Stop Burning Your Toast (Glenn Anderson)
  • The Future of Work is Here Now (Dawn Rasmussen, CMP)

Personal Development

  • Avoiding Burnout and Managing Stress (Rachelle Stone, PCC, CQPC)
  • Be Your Own Superhero (Dawn Rasmussen, CMP)
  • Getting to Clarity: A Road Map to YOUR Career (Debbie Peterson)
  • Hardwire Healthy Habits: Break the Brain Pain Cycle, How Your Brain Works and How to Make it Work Better (Dee O’Neill)
  • Harnessing the Brain Science of Awe and Wonder to Optimize Your Resilience to Stress and Maximize Performance (Dee O’Neill)
  • Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile: Ignite Opportunities (Dawn Rasmussen, CMP)
  • Learning from the Past to Shape the Future (Dawn Rasmussen, CMP)
  • Let’s All Play “Follow the Speaker” (Glenn Anderson)
  • Positive Intelligence & Introduction to Mental Fitness (Rachelle Stone, PCC, CQPC)
  • RETURNSHIPS: The New Returning Workforce (Dawn Rasmussen, CMP)
  • The Future of Work is Here Now (Dawn Rasmussen, CMP)
  • Translating the Brain Science of Wellness and Awe to Harness a Brain Healthy Workplace: Your Brain is Your Competitive Advantage (Dee O’Neill)
  • What Do I Want? Creating a Path to Transition Toward New Professional or Personal Goals© (Megan Bearce, LMFT)
  • You Don’t Have to Do It All: The Quest for Work-Life Balance© (Megan Bearce, LMFT)

Safety and Security

  • Emergent Security Threats: What Leaders Need to Know (Dr. Jennifer Hesterman, Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired)
  • Insider Threat: Cross-applying Government Strategies to the Private Sector (Dr. Jennifer Hesterman, Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired)
  • Profiling Your Events for Safety (Jeff McKissack)
  • Securing Public Spaces: A Practical Exercise (Dr. Jennifer Hesterman Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired)
  • Why People Radicalize: An Inside Look at Domestic Violent Extremism (Dr. Jennifer Hesterman Colonel, U.S. Air Force, retired)


  • What Business Are You In? How to Show and Deliver Hospitality Today (Bob Pacanovsky)
  • Would YOU Do Business with YOU? (Bob Pacanovsky)


  • Digital Sponsorship Possibilities (Meg Fasy)
  • Sponsorship program development (Facilitated in roundtables by Kara Dao, CEM)
  • Sponsorship Trends (Meg Fasy)
  • Suppliers as partners, the benefit of collaboration (Facilitated in roundtables by Kara Dao, CEM)
  • The Dollars and Sense of Sponsorships (Meg Fasy)


  • Building Your Sponsorship Strategy (Meg Fasy)
  • Deliver Impactful Value Propositions (Ed Wallace)
  • Gentelligence: How Gen-Z Is Shifting Company Culture and How Succession Planning Is More Important Than Ever (Matthew Kalb, CEM-AP, CMP)
  • Mental Health and Burnout: Strategies for Increasing Resilience© (Megan Bearce, LMFT)
  • Pivot Simple: Practical Strategies for Shifting Your Marketing (Sherron Washington, M.A.)