Reinvent Your Exhibitor Advisory Council – Virtual


Program Description: In any business, listening to your customers is a crucial step towards serving them better and, for exhibition organizers, your exhibitors are your customers. While there are many ways you can show you’re listening, creating an Exhibitor Advisory Council (EAC) is one of the most highly recommended. So, why do so many organizers disband their EACs (or put off setting them up)?

Embrace the Ways You’re “New” – Virtual


Program Description: When your exhibitors struggle… you struggle. Learn more about one of their biggest challenges (embracing the ways they’re “new”) and explore effective ways to address it from both their perspective and yours, as an exhibition organizer.

DIY Your Exhibit Marketing Roadmap in a Day – Virtual


Program Description: As an exhibition organizer, there’s a lot you can do to support your exhibitors… but, ultimately, they have to be responsible for their own success. For example, you can provide logos, templates, and even attendee list rentals, but your exhibitors have to plan and prepare their own promotions before, during, and after your trade show.

Create a “Quick Start Kit” to Share with Last-Minute Additions to Your Exhibitor List – Virtual


Program Description: If you’re like many exhibition organizers, you may be finding that exhibitors have begun confirming their participation in trade shows later and later. This presents a number of challenges for your exhibitors – as they’ll need to do all of the same work, but in a much shorter time frame – as well as for you (for example, you’ll have to repeat yourself a lot more than you would otherwise). Fortunately, this intensive 3-hour workshop is designed to help you overcome those challenges, for your exhibitors and for you.

Housing and Registration Management – Virtual

Today’s exhibition professional has more to do than simply manage an exhibition. In reality, an exhibition professional is responsible for several crucial service-related elements. Two of the service fundamentals inherent in most events are arranging for accommodations for guests (“housing”) and identifying which guests will be allowed access to which portion of an event (“registration”). Planning must begin early to ensure housing and registration are easily assessed and do not become a hindrance to attending the event. When managed well, housing and registration can enhance an event and create an incentive for future attendance.

Event Series CEM: Facilities & Site Selection

Facilities and Site Selection – Virtual

Site selection is a crucial first step in producing a successful exhibition or event. This includes the process of choosing both a geographical location and a facility for an exhibition or event. Site selection consists of advanced detailed planning, including access for attendees of all populations, organizational goals and objectives, exhibitor/attendee needs, and transportation. Careful consideration should be given to all factors that could impact the success of the overall exhibition.

Event Series CEM: Exhibitor Relations

Exhibitor Relations – Virtual

Exhibitors are a critical stakeholder in the exhibitions and events industry that are often misunderstood or overlooked. Understanding how to partner with exhibitors to ensure their success will help drive value for the show organizer, the exhibitor and the attendee. It is important for show organizers to understand the root causes of pain points for exhibitors and what systems, processes and solutions a show organizer can implement to address the needs of their exhibitors and create success for all stakeholders.