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Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee

Increasing attendee participation in Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition is a shared responsibility of show management and exhibitors. The purpose of the committee is to suggest ways in which the value created by the Annual Meeting as a whole can be enhanced for both exhibitors and visitors. Members of the committee will work with IAEE’s professional staff to recommend strategies for board consideration to significantly increase attendance of qualified buyers. The committee’s recommendations are advisory in nature.

Charge to the Expo! Expo! Advisory Committee for FY 2024: 

  1. Develop and recommend strategies designed to promote increased value and benefit for everyone attending Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition.
  2. Required to attend Expo! Expo! and may be asked to attend certain events and participate in on-site outreach activities as show ambassadors.
  3. Suggests ways in which Expo! Expo! can become more effective in serving its customers (both exhibitors and attendees).
  4. Act as a liaison for all attendees that have in-put they wish to see acted upon; providing feedback to the IAEE professional staff.
  5. Identify potential new attendees that should be solicited to attend Expo! Expo! IAEE’s
    Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

2024 Chairperson

Jeff Davis
Group Vice President, Action Sport
Emerald X

Board Liaisons

2024 IAEE Board Director
Anytra Lowe, CEM
EVP, Client Solutions


2024 IAEE Board Director
Mike Carlucci
Chief Operating Officer
Clarion Events, North America

Staff Lead

Rick Jennings
Vice President of Partnership Relations


Jason Ware
Vice President, Events & Experiences