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Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to counsel the staff, in preparation of the association’s annual operating budget, to review periodic financial statements of IAEE, direct the investments of IAEE, including the investment policy, and to recommend a budget to the IAEE Board of Directors.

Charge to the Finance Committee for 2024: 
• Review the financial results achieved by the association at the conclusion of each calendar quarter and, through the Secretary-Treasurer, report its conclusions to the board of directors.
• Make recommendations for revisions and enhancements to IAEE’s financial reporting systems.
• With the staff, prepare the FY 2025 Budget (10/1/24 – 9/30/25) for the IAEE board to receive at its summer 2024 meeting.
• Annually review the Financial Practices Policy Statement for investments, including the investment guidelines, and recommend maintaining or revising the Policy Statement to board for consideration at its summer 2024 meeting.
• Review investments semi-annually.

2024 Chairperson

IAEE Board of Directors Secretary/Treasurer
Mary Bender
VP of Sales & Operations
Taffy Event Strategies

Staff Lead

Scott Stanton, CEM, CAE,
Chief Financial Officer,