Workforce Training

IAEE began working with U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) in 2014 to update the core competencies model for the events industry. In 2016, the DOL formally moved Meetings, Events and Exhibitions Management into a separate industry sector, further validating the exhibitions management as a “career of choice”. 

Guiding the Next Generation

The Association offers numerous resources to guide exhibitions and events professionals along their career path while assisting employers with professional development opportunities.

DATA USA – Public Government Industry Data

In 2014, Deloitte, Datawheel, and Cesar Hidalgo, Professor at the MIT Media Lab and Director of Collective Learning, came together to embark on an ambitious journey — to understand and visualize the critical issues facing the United States in areas like jobs, skills and education across industry and geography and to use this knowledge to inform decision making among executives, policymakers and citizens.

Jobs Summaries & Skills Matrix

IAEE has identified job roles for exhibition professionals that are common across organizations.  These positions are available in various categories and include core knowledge and task domains, job purpose, duties and responsibilities, qualifications, working conditions, physical requirements, average number of direct reports, average number of events produced, industry experiences and average salary information.  

This information helps to guide one in determining a career path in the exhibitions and events industry.

Member Onboarding Services

Whether you have five or 500 contacts on your membership roster, the IAEE team is here to assist and get your staff up to date and using the member resources available. Contact us today to customize a program for your organization.

Post a Job

Is your organization looking to hire? You have come to the right place! IAEE offers an easy to use job board to post your open positions and connect you with qualified candidates.

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IAEE offers the Bob Dallmeyer Education Fund that supports international exhibitions and events industry education and professional development. The fund is designed for event professionals worldwide, including young professionals, professionals new to the exhibition and event industry and those that are interested in in learning about the global marketplace.

U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook provides specific information to Meeting, Convention and Event Planners that includes:

  • An Overall Summary of Meeting, Convention and Event Planner Jobs
    • The median pay
    • Work experience in a related occupation
    • On the job training
    • Number of jobs
    • Job outlook
  • What Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners Do
  • Work Environment
  • How to Become a Meeting, Convention or Event Planner
  • State & Area Data

U.S. Department of Labor

The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has worked with the National Travel and Tourism Office of the Department of Commerce and with technical and subject matter experts from education, business, and industry to develop a comprehensive competency model for the Hospitality, Tourism, and Events industry. The model identifies the knowledge, skills, and abilities that provide a foundation for industry workers, as well as competencies specific to key sectors. While the model seeks to cover all workers in the industry, it is not intended that each worker possess all of the competencies listed. The model is rather a compilation of competencies that can be included as a basis for preparation in a Hospitality, Tourism, and Events occupation.

Workforce Ready Certificate

Management recognizes the need for skilled workers and the expectations of entry-level employees is more competitive.  If you have determined that the exhibitions and events industry is your industry of choice and want to stand out to potential employers, the IAEE Workforce Readiness Assessment will demonstrate to employers that you possess the critical entry-level knowledge and skills.

IAEE has identified the competencies needed for entry level positions within the exhibitions and events industry based upon various resources including The Art of the Show textbook, the Hospitality, Tourism and Events Competency Model housed in the Department of Labor’s Competency Model Clearinghouse and IAEE job description analyses.

Upon successful completion of the IAEE Workforce Readiness Assessment, participants will receive a certificate demonstrating you have the knowledge and skills to be considered workplace ready.