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Social Giving Project – Get Involved!

Year after year, the women of IAEE continue to come together as a community with a commonly shared goal to give back to the local communities in or near our event city.

In 2022, we supported The SOFEI Group (Starting Over for Economic Independence). With the amazing support of our attendees and industry, IAEE WLF, contributed over $2575 for this special organization, giving back to the local community to help transform the lives of those in need, creating economic stability and independence.

The SOFEI Group
Women who experience income deprivation are vulnerable to the cycle of poverty – especially single mothers that do not have access to resources that can change their economic stance for themselves and their families.  That is why it is imperative to give women what they need to improve their earning power and potential.

Founded by Deborah M. Avens in 1996 which initially started as a support group, Avens’ passion to launch The SOFEI Group grew out of her experience growing up in a low-income home headed by her widowed, disabled mother. The disability income Avens’ mother received didn’t meet basic living and medical expenses. Avens’ mother applied for public assistance to supplement the household income, and this is when Avens discovered the biased attitudes towards women on public assistance; sex discrimination against her mother in a male-dominated career; and sadly, domestic violence from her mother’s boyfriend who occasionally helped pay the mortgage.

This life experience is the underlying fuel which gave Avens the notion that women-headed families needed resources and services to create economic stability and independence to avoid reliance of public assistance and abusive partners.

SOFEI became a nonprofit in 1999 and since then they provide an array of life skills training and workforce development courses and services to women in need that will:

  • Advance their careers to increase their earning potential.
  • Gain or hone their skills to enter or re-enter the workforce.
  • Help establish or expand their business and skills.
  • Measure and validate their proficiency to use Microsoft Office, Office 365, iCritical Thinking, or IC³.

To learn more: The SOFEI Group