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Social Giving Project – Get Involved!

Year after year, the women of IAEE continue to come together as a community with a commonly shared goal to give back to the local communities in or near our event city.

Carpenter’s Shelter

In 2020, the attendees of WLF gave back in a phenomenal way. Partnering with Carpenter’s Shelter, IAEE attendees raised and provided $1270 to assist this organization with eradicating homelessness, providing housing and an array of services and home goods to those in need in Alexandria, VA. 

With their core “seed” values of SOLUTIONS through Collaboration, EMPOWERMENT, EDUCATION and DEDICATION to Serving with Respect, their strong compassion and commitment establishes Carpenter’s Shelter as a recognized leader in serving this local community and the larger North Virginia area as well.

Services include various programs that include a 60-bed residential shelter, permanent supportive housing apartments, David’s Place, a Winter shelter for the City of Alexandria, education and employment programs, community case management and also Carpenter’s Clinic for health and medical care.  Click Here to Learn More About Carpenter’s Shelter