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East Carolina State University Hospitality Students – Welcome!

Interested in learning more about the exciting industry of exhibitions and events? Join ECU’s membership with IAEE, the International Association of Exhibitions & Events. Membership with IAEE has everything you need to succeed as a new industry professional, from building your professional network to gaining industry knowledge.

Are You a Full-Time Student* and Interested in Joining?

Instructions for creating an account:

*A Student Membership is for an individual who is engaged full-time with 12 or more credit hours during the fall or spring semester in a program at a college or university approved by the IAEE Board of Directors. Student members shall not be entitled to vote, hold office or be a Director in the Corporation.

Check out these resources:

The Exhibition and Events Industry Career Center hosts the most comprehensive listing of industry positions and resources specific to exhibitions and other marketing-related events. The Career Center also offers professional services to help you build and manage your career for maximum potential for success.

Free participation in IAEE’s monthly webinars ranging in topics such as career tips, event marketing, promotional products at trade shows and venue sustainability.

Connect with young professionals in the industry through our Young Professionals website.


Network with IAEE members and IAEE’s young professionals through LinkedInFacebookTwitter and IAEE discussion groups on MemberLink.

Automatic enrollment in a chapter allows you to gain hands-on leadership experience and expand your industry knowledge, as well as gain prospective references.

Become connected with a mentor who will help mold you into the industry professional you wish to become though the Mentor Match Program.

Looking for Scholarship Opportunities?

The Helen Brett™ Scholarship which was established by Robert Kolinek, CEM, CMP, and named for his grandmother, Helen Brett, who was a pioneer in the trade show industry. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist individuals who are exploring the study of exhibitions and events management with the end goal of advancing their career in this field. The scholarship serves to promote the exhibitions and events industry by attracting college-level students into the field of study and encouraging their pursuit with financial support. Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis based on field of study, recommendations and educational achievement. Preference is given to those expressing an interest in exhibitions and events management and those enrolled in degree programs which are viewed as particularly relevant to this field.

The IAEE DE&I Scholarship was established to promote and bring visibility to the exhibitions, meetings and business events industry for graduating high school students of diverse backgrounds and from under-served and economically and socially disadvantaged communities, in order to create an equal opportunity for the recipient to achieve a two-year or four-year college-level education program. Scholarships are awarded competitively based upon pursuit of a degreed major focusing on exhibition and/or event management.